Woman youth worker jailed for 12 years for raping teens in boys home

Boys raped by youth worker in juvenile jail describe how she went from ‘flirty’ to ‘a dirty predator’ – as the 49-year-old now claims her accusers were ‘motivated by cash’

  •  Nadia Khalil had sex with boys in juvenile jail
  • Lured victims with with smokes and food
  • Now 49-year-old  predator appealing sentence

Two victims who were just 15-year-old boys when they were sexually assaulted by  a female youth worker inside a juvenile prison have described how the woman lured them with food and cigarettes.

Nadia Khalil, now 49, is serving 12 years in prison for child sex offences she committed while employed as a youth justice officer at Reiby Juvenile Justice centre in the 1990s.

The attractive Sydney youth worker, a mainstay at Reiby in Airds, western Sydney between 1994 and 2009, started off being ‘flirty’ with underage boys and quickly became ‘a predator’, her victims told ABC TV’s 7.30.

The youth prison held boys aged from 10 to 16. 

The two indigenous men, who have endured lives of crime and mental health issues since being sexually and indecently assaulted by Khalil, say they were initially confused by the approach and interest by an adult who effectively served as their jailer.

Khalil was found guilty by a jury in the NSW District Court of committing 20 sexual offences against six teenage boys while they were detainees inside Reiby.  

Nadia Khalil, now 49, is serving 12 years in prison for child sex offences she committed while employed as a youth justice officer at Reiby Juvenile Justice centre in the 1990s

Teen inmate at Reiby Dion Welsh said Khalil would fetch snack food from a storeroom and entice him to engaging in sex acts while she was a guard and he was a juvenile in the 1990s

Dion Welsh told 7.30 when he encountered Khalil in September 1996, she was ‘very flirty and very outgoing’ .

He said the youth worker – then aged in her early 20s – would fetch snack food from a storeroom and use it to entice him into engaging in sex acts.

‘It went from talking, touching, flirting … to … hands down pants and whatnot,’ he said.

Although legally unable to give consent aged 15, he admits back then ‘to be honest, I was over the moon’, but has since paid the price for what he now recognises as abuse.

He says it has cost him any trust in authority figures, contributed to long periods in prison, and affected his relationships with women. 

The Biripi man, whose traditional lands are north of Newcastle, now lives with his partner and her young son.

‘To prey on young boys that way she did…yeah, she’s a predator,’ Welsh said. 

Khalil is one of multiple former Reiby staffers, both males and female, who have been suspected of, or charged and convicted of abusing children.

The offending was exposed in 2016 during the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.

The allegations led to the creation of Strike Force Redcliffe which interviewed former Reiby inmates.

The strike force charged ex-Reiby prison guard Katherine Asiminaris, whose job had been to supervise detainees, lock and unlock rooms, and make disciplinary decisions.

Asiminaris was eventually jailed aged 47 in 2020 for three years for two counts of sexual intercourse with a person aged 15-years-old.

She was the paedophile in Reiby’s so-called ‘Romeo and Juliet’ case of the late 1990s, who sent love letters to a teenage boy in which she called him her ‘Romeo’ and signed off the letters as ‘Juliet’.

A court heard the juvenile believed he and the prison guard were ‘in love’ and would remain together long-term after she ‘instigated a relationship’.

Some of it occurred in a large cell at Reiby known as ‘the granny flat’, where boys stayed just before their release, or as a reward.

Dion Welsh and other juvenile inmates incarcerated at Reiby say Kahlil and other female guard’s sexual abuse of them impacted their relationships with women and their re-offending

Nadia Khlail, currently serving 12 years in prison for sexually assaulting underage boys at Reiby, started off being ‘flirty’ and ended up they said ‘dirty and sick’

Khalil is one of multiple people who worked at Reiby, both males and females who have been suspected of, or charged and convicted of abusing children

Boys locked up at Reiby (above a search at the juvenile centre in western Sydney) are taking a class action against the NSW Government for the treatment at the centre 

‘One night, while the complainant was in the granny flat … just before he went to bed, the accused was locking him in his cell, they went into the room, into the bathroom, and they had sexual intercourse there,’ Asiminaris’s trial was told.

Once the boy left Reiby on day-release, Asiminaris would pick him up from his mother’s home and take him for drives, and one day she met him at a train station and the pair had sex in the back seat of a car. 

Aged 23 at the time of the offending, Asiminaris became pregnant and the relationship quickly disintegrated.

She was charged with aggravated sexual intercourse with a person aged 15, and spent a minimum of one year and 10 months prison, and was eligible for parole last June.

Another of Nadia Khalil’s victims, Gary Glover, told the ABC he felt ‘ashamed and dirty’ after being sexually abused by her and it had affected his relationships with women, and impacted on his re-offending.

One night midway through 1997, 16-year-old Gary was watching television in Reiby’s recreational room when Khalil came in and, according to Gary, accused him of not making his bed. 

Gary went with her back to his cell, she ‘lit up a cigarette and she told me to go into the bathroom to smoke it … while she stood at the door,’ he said. 

‘When I finished the cigarette and walked out of the bathroom she was sitting on my bed and she was making a gesture for me to sit down next to her, and I was sort of nervous and shy.

‘She said to me not to be scared, that no-one knows. It got worse and worse. I ended up having sex with her then.’

Gary claims over the following weeks Khalil would go to his cell and they’d have sex. 

‘She kept on like, just grabbing me and making me perform sexual acts on her when I didn’t want to. That happened several times.’ 

‘I knew it was abuse because I felt sick afterwards; I felt like I didn’t want to do that and she made me do it.’ 

‘I was sort of confused because I was still only young [and] … I’d come from hanging around some bad boys on the streets.’

In August 1997, just weeks out from his release date, Khalil gave Gary her contact details and he escaped out of the bathroom window of his cell with another boy.

He claims that the next day she came and picked him up and ‘I went back to her place’ and spent six months on the run before being caught by police in February 1998.

Clinical notes from a therapy session in September 2020 record Gary saying Khalil ‘ruined all adult [relationships with] women.

‘She was dirty and sick.’

Lawyer Paul Creed is representing Gary Glover and Dion Welsh in civil legal claims against the state of New South Wales, alleging it failed to protect them from sexual abuse from Nadia Khalil.

Creed says he has dozens of other claims from men held as boys at Reiby who allege they too were abused by her or others.

Nadia Khalil is appealing the offences, which happened between 1997 and 2005, claiming that the men who testified against her were financially motivated. 

Her case is listed this month in the NSW Court of Criminal Appeal. 

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