Wild moment nightclub bouncer BODYSLAMS woman to the ground

Wild moment nightclub bouncer BODYSLAMS woman to the ground during chaotic brawl in San Antonio

  • Viral clip shows the moment a bouncer violently bodyslams a woman to the ground outside a San Antonio nightclub
  • Same bouncer later appears to pepper-spray another woman who is heard screaming that she cannot see
  • Several girls are seen wrestling each other to the ground in chaotic brawl scenes 

Jaw-dropping video footage has captured the moment a nightclub bouncer bodyslams a woman to the ground during a chaotic brawl in San Antonio.

Several scantily-clad girls are seen pulling hair and wrestling each other when suddenly a bouncer picks one of them up and drops her violently to the ground.

Dozens of dollar bills fly out of the girl’s purse as she lays stunned on the floor before starting to wriggle again. 

The viral clip – which has been viewed 4.5 million times on Twitter – also shows the same man pepper-spraying another woman who is heard screaming that she cannot see. 

None of those involved in the scrap have launched a criminal complaint yet, police have said.

Several girls are seen pulling hair and wrestling each other when suddenly a bouncer is seen picking up one of them and dropping her violently to the ground

The security company who employs the man has since revealed that there were six fights occurring at once outside Privat Social Club on Saturday night. 

The video begins by showing a crowd of clubgoers on the street as they start to scrap.

It then breaks out into a series of one-on-one fights.

In one horrifying shot, a girl in a beige jumpsuit drags a girl by the hair to the ground and then repeatedly punches her.

More fights spill out around them before the bouncer violently bodyslams the girl wearing jeans and a top.

A witness appears to challenge him by pushing into him but the camera then pans away.

Further disturbing scenes show a man steal a woman’s purse as she is pummeled into the ground. 

Another shot then shows a girl dragging a fellow clubgoer by her arms, causing her dress to ride up and expose her underwear. 

The brawl is one of dozens of incidents to occur at Privat nightclub in San Antonio

At least six separate fights broke out at Privat nightclub on Saturday night – with just two bouncers left to handle them

Scantily-clad women are seen wrestling with each other on the ground 

Privat said that there were only two bouncers available to handle the situation while they waited for police to arrive on the scene. 

They were hired by a private security team called Precision Defense Group.  

A managing partner at the club told KENS5 it was awaiting more surveillance footage before taking further action.

The San Antonio Police Department said: ‘The fight had already been broken prior to police arrival, by security at the location.

‘A female that was fighting with security was ‘maced’ by security at the location, prior to police arrival.  

‘The female was then asked to leave and the female left (the) location.’

The force added: ‘No case number was generated as all parties had left the scene prior to police arrival. At this time there doesn’t appear to be a complainant.’ 

According to KENS5, the nightclub has been at the center of dozens of police reports since November. 

The incidents include four callouts for drunken behavior, nine for a fight or assault, 12 for shots fired and 12 for a burglary alarm.

A further 19 disturbances – five of which involved guns – were reported.

A girl in a small mini-dress appears to grapple with the security officers in the shocking scenes

Managers at Privat nightclub said they would wait for more surveillance footage to emerge before they passed comment on the situation

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