We live next to Peppa Pig World – tourists were so annoying we put up a barricade… but now council have taken it down | The Sun

LOCALS living next to Peppa Pig World say tourists became so annoying they put up a barricade – and now the council's ripped it down.

Hundreds of families flock to Peppa Pig World in Romsey near Southampton every day, with children making the most of the much-loved attraction.

But irritated residents say the traffic blocks their roads, visitors leave litter, and they'd have had enough – so they started taking matters into their own hands.

The locals resorted to erecting a barricade to stop anti-social tourists ruining their lives.

Residents of a country lane near the entrance to the popular attraction have put up traffic cones and a 'Road Closed' sign.

But they say the council has now torn it down.

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The residents say they decided to put the barricade up after tourists threw dirty nappies into bushes, urinated near their homes, parked across their driveways and had picnics outside their houses.

And they say heavy traffic travelling to Peppa Pig World, which opened in 2011, during summer months makes simple tasks like popping to the supermarket impossible.

Brett Osborne, 68, has stayed next to the park for 40 years and put the sign up to try make his and his neighbours' lives better.

He's shocked the council has ripped it down.

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Brett, who previously called the attraction a "pain in the a***", told The Sun: "I'm p***ed off.

"We put it there to stop people coming up here thinking it was an easy way out on to the motorway.

"It was taken down on Friday – just disappeared – and now there's more and more traffic coming up and down.

"It's worse now in the summer holidays, but it happens all year round."

The Paultons Park family attraction is accessed by a quiet single-lane road, which locals say tourists always miss.

Hence why they've resorted to the sign – time and time again.

Shirley Burgess, 73, who has lived in her cottage for 48 years, said life without the sign in place was already worse.

The 73-year-old said: "The amount of traffic that has come up this road – we never had that before.

"Just yesterday I had 10 cars reverse onto my driveway.

"It has affected us, it's all the time it's not just summer holidays.

"The sign gave us a bit of a barrier."

It was taken down on Friday – just disappeared – and now there's more and more traffic coming up and down.

She said she had no problem with the park itself, simply the traffic it generates as a result.

Shirley continued: "It was just about the traffic and all of a sudden the council have moved the sign.

"We don't have any facilities here, it's a cul-de-sac."

The Sun has approached the Hampshire County Council for comment.

It previously said: “Romsey Road at Ower in the New Forest, adjacent to Paultons Park, is clearly signed as a no-through route with access for residents only.

"Any signed road closure in place has not been authorised by the County Council and will be removed.”

Richard Mancey, Managing Director at Paultons Park, previously said: “We haven’t received any complaints from our neighbours relating to litter.

"The cleanliness and tidiness of our attraction, including the entranceway and surrounding areas, is of utmost importance to us and we work hard to maintain only the highest standards.

“We sponsor the Copythorne Parish Pickers group who carry out weekly litter picks of the roads leading to and surrounding the Park entrance.

"Our own team also carries out regular litter patrols to maintain an exceptional level of cleanliness and presentation of the approaches to the Park.

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“Additionally, we implement all necessary measures to maximise the free flow of traffic on the approaches to the Park, within the limitations of the existing road infrastructure.

“We have good relationships with neighbouring residents and would welcome any direct feedback from the community should there be anything more we can do to support our neighbourhood.”

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