Watch as teen fisherman narrowly avoids being IMPALED by marlin after spear-billed sea beast leaps from water | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a teenage fisherman narrowly avoided being impaled by a marlin.

The spear-billed sea beast leapt onto a boat in Sydney, Australia, while Cooper McGlashan, 16, was angling with his dad.

Cooper was reeling the young black marlin in when it suddenly shot out of the water as the teen tried to grab the line.

Quick-thinking Cooper jumped out of the way as he was almost skewered by the spiky sea dweller.

He told 9News: "I grabbed the leader, but the fish decided he wanted to be in the boat and came straight for me."

The marlin landed on the stern of the boat, which was three miles off the coast, before falling back into the water.

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Cooper and his dad Al McGlashan then released it from the line.

Al shared the terrifying close encounter on his YouTube channel.

He said: "A marlin jumped in the boat and almost speared the crew in the goolies.

"In all my time fishing I have never had such a close call and it all happened off Sydney."

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Black marlins can tip the scales at almost 1,000lbs when fully grown.

Males can grow to around 9ft in length, while females can be more than 15ft.

It comes after a fisherman reeled in a shark on a beach in front of stunned onlookers.

Footage shows witnesses rushing to help get the beast back into the water in Perth as it thrashed about on the sand.

Meanwhile, a fisherman had a frighteningly close call with a great white shark whilst diving off the coast of South Africa.

Johan Potgieter had to fight the aggressive giant predator off with his spear gun and barely managed to escape.

Potgieter and fellow scuba divers were spearfishing in the sea east of Cape Town when the terrifying creature attacked.

The chilling moments that followed were captured by an underwater camera as Potgieter swims for his life to the safety of a boat.

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