Uri Geller claims UFO victory after barmy Queen’s funeral claim

Uri Geller says he has proven his barmy funeral claim after predicting that a UFO will make an appearance at the Queen's state service.

The Israeli-British magician urged Brits to "watch the skies" in London ahead of the service which took place earlier today ( September 19).

He believes he has captured an image which confirms the bizarre theory which features a blurry, faded black circle in the sky.

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The initial video showed the illusionist standing in front of a TV a day before the funeral as he told his followers about the bizarre prophecy.

He said on Sunday ( September 18 ): "The Queen 's funeral, a holy and an emotional day," he said. "Billions will be watching around the world.

"I believe that 'they' will also want to pay their respects too."

He added: "Look, just three months ago a UFO, watch this, flew over her majesty's Jubilee.

"Just watch the video.

"This might happen again tomorrow (today)."

He ended the clip by saying: "God bless the Queen."

Following his outburst online, the TV personality took to Twitter to provide an update and said: "Some people are sending but I have no way to verify just assume that what is in the photo is real."

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And while some users believed him, others were less convinced by his claims.

One person commented: "That is the EasyJet flight from Luton to Dalaman."

Another said: "Yes it's an out of focus aeroplane.

"Or a speck of muck on the lens."

A third person wrote: "Oh my God the sky are people are here."

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