Unruly student pepper-sprays teacher in the eyes twice to get her phone back

A high school teacher was left screaming in agony when he got pepper-sprayed twice by an unruly student.

The dramatic incident happened during class at Antioch High School in Tennessee, US, on Friday and was shared on a Reddit post.

A Reddit user claimed the teenage girl had been "texting and Googling answers for her school work", which ended up getting her phone confiscated by a teacher.

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The minute-long footage shows the confrontation as the student got to the front of the classroom and tried to get her phone back.

One student can be heard saying in the background: "Nah, Mace (pepper spray brand) is crazy!"

The camera then followed the girl and the teacher in the hallway and the teacher said: "She just pepper-sprayed me."

"Give me my phone!" the student said and held the pepper spray close to the teacher's face and sprayed the second time.

The teacher screamed in pain and fell to his knees with his back against the girl.

Teachers from other classrooms stepped out to the hallway to offer assistance and the girl repeatedly asked: "Can I have my phone? Can I have my phone?

"I need my phone."

As the teacher got back up, he coughed and the cameraman said: "Over a phone? That's crazy!"

The girl, looking unbothered, went to the teacher and asked for her phone again and the teacher said: "You pepper-sprayed me!"

And she replied: "Okay, give me my phone."

"No you can't have your phone!" he said.

Viewers were appalled by the student's act and said she could be expelled from what she did to the teacher.

One wrote: "Not justified, on top of the fact she should be suspended not only for her behavior but also for having a weapon in school."

A second penned: "Folks don’t realise how bad pepper spray is until they’ve been hit by it.

"They’re children so I kinda expect them to think it’s all silly instead of realising what it actually is."


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