Ultra rare blue lobster found off Brit seaside town coast is one in two million

An ultra rare lobster has been spotted in Britain for the first time.

Chances of finding a blue Lobster are said to be an eye-watering one in two million.

However, it has finally been seen and caught by a local fisherman in the Plymouth Sound in Devon.

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Thankfully, the bloke who found it has returned it, after it was handed over to not-for-profit The Ships Project.

Mallory Haas, 38, from the organisation said she was "surprised" to see the creature, which she had never seen before in the wild.

United States-native Mallory said: “I'd never seen a lobster underwater that blue.

“I've seen some in a tank with bits of blue on them, that is quite common, but totally blue is very rare.

“I've seen one in a tank before that was very white, like a ghost, but this one was almost aqua blue all down her legs.

“The fisherman who gave her to us said he had decided to release it because of how rare it was, and wanted us to return it to the water.

“It was such a surprise, but she was lovely.”

The lobster is thought to be aged around 50-years-old and scientists are baffled at what actually makes them blue.

For most, lobsters are a deep reddish orange colour.

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Mallory added: “I'm not sure what causes the blue colour, but I think it can potentially be triggered by environmental factors.

“The blue comes from a B protein that can be released into a lobster's body due to a genetic defect which can be caused by environmental factors, so while it's more likely that if she has babies they will be blue, they might not be.

“We've seen loads of lobsters this year, they all love to hide in cracks and holes on the seabed in the Sound.

“I've heard there are more than usual this year, but she has clearly been here some time.”

Researchers at the University of Maine's Lobster Institute have disputed the rarity of blue lobsters, but say finding a yellow lobster is even rarer, at around one in 30 million, while albino lobsters are super-rare, at odds of around one in one hundred million.

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