UK troops must be ready to 'prepare loved ones' for Russia deployment

British troops must be ready for war with Russia, top soldier warns: Army chief says UK is ‘prepared to counter Putin’s aggression’ and urges soldiers to ‘prepare our loved ones and families’ for potential deployment

  • Top major said soldiers must prepare loved ones for a ‘potential deployment’
  • Warrant Officer Carney added that Britain is ready to counter Putin’s aggression
  • ‘My ask is that you have discussions about a potential deployment now’
  • British soldiers are stationed at embassy in Kyiv, with Kyiv troops training here

British troops must warn their families they could be deployed to fight against Russia, a top soldier has declared.

Warrant Officer Paul Carney urged troops to warn their loved ones that the world faces ‘new realities’ – and that Britain is ‘ready to counter any aggression’.

The top brass wrote in his monthly column for Soldier magazine: ‘It is important we prepare our loved ones and families who often have the hardest role in our absence.

‘My ask is that you have discussions about a potential deployment with them now. Find contact numbers for support networks and relevant people who can help such as the unit welfare officer and padre.

Carney: ‘My ask is you have discussions about potential deployment with [loved ones] now’

‘The world has changed and we must be prepared for new realities.’

Royal Marines are stationed at Britain’s embassy in Kyiv, while thousands of Ukrainian soldiers are receiving crucial training on British soil.

Officer Carney’s bleak warning comes as Russia appeared to send spies to sabotage a weapons factory in NATO member state Albania.

Two men with Russian passports and one Ukrainian national, most likely from one of the country’s Moscow-ruled breakaway republics, tried to enter the weapons factory tonight, Albania’s ministry of defence explosively claimed.

That resulted in three Albanian soldiers defending the warehouse being sprayed with chemical weapons, officials in Tirana stated.

They added: ‘The officers who were guarding the plant reacted immediately, but during their efforts to stop the three foreign nationals, two of our soldiers were injured.

A Ukrainian drone strike on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet was pictured earlier today in Crimea

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama said the three individuals are ‘suspected of espionage.’

Officers arrested the three men, with the Albanian soldiers now hospitalised with illnesses arising from the apparent chemical poisoning.

They are said to be in a stable condition.

The defense ministry said one of the arrested, identified only as a Russian national MZ, 24, entered the plant’s territory and was trying to take photos.

Two others, a Russian woman identified as ST, 33, and Ukrainian man FA, 25, were also arrested nearby.

Gramsh military base in central Albania is an unusual location for foreign ‘tourists’ to visit.

Albania’s status as NATO member for more than a decade has raised eyebrows.

It joined the western military alliance in 2009.

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