UK to be hit by nearly a month’s worth of rainfall in just one day this week

The UK is set to be hit by a full month's worth of rainfall in just one day – and it's going to happen tomorrow (July 17).

For weeks, Brits have been confusingly battling thunderstorms, heatwaves and even masses of wind.

But the worst is still to come as new charts are showing that nearly a full month's worth of rainfall is set to hit parts of the country in less than 24 hours.

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According to the Met Desk's WX Charts, from 6pm tomorrow, the vast majority of the north will be hit by around three to four millimetres per hour of downpour, which is the same as the average monthly rainfall for the entire month of July, records show.

And to make it worse, it will only last until around midnight, which indicates the possibility of flash flooding taking place in areas such as Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and as for as Worchester and Cardiff.

Parts of Northern Ireland will also be hit by it the deluge, with Belfast looking as though it will get the full brunt of the four millimetres per hour.

Thankfully, however, the country will then be left alone by the weather gods for a few days, with rain not set to hit again until Sunday evening, where the South will be the main target.

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Tom Morgan, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "For the middle part of July we're seeing quite unseasonably unsettled weather.

"We've got quite strong winds today across southern areas where we will potentially see gusts as high as 55mph bringing some minor disruption and damage to trees, for example, particularly in South Wales and southern parts of England.

We've also got some thunderstorms which are moving through quite quickly in the South because of the wind, but the thunderstorms in Scotland and Northern Ireland will be much slower.

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“We urge you, wherever you are, to keep an eye on the forecast and leave plenty of time for your journeys because the weather may well cause some disruption from either strong winds or thunder and heavy rain."

It is in stark contrast to last month, when the UK experienced its hottest June on record.

Currently, forecasters do not expect temperatures to go over 30C as it happened in June, but it is likely the weather will be hotter than 23C, which is the average in July for our nation.

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