UK hot weather: ‘Intense’ August rainfall to spark ‘breakdown of big heat’ and END summer

Jim Dale, the senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told that more rain and the onset of thunderstorms from next week may be the first indications of summer fizzling out. The Met Office along with at least two other independent forecasters are throwing their weight behind thunderstorms lashing the south next week – just days after a 34C scorcher blankets much of the UK. Storms could strike anytime from Saturday night, August 13, to next Tuesday, the Met Office says. Mr Dale said sporadic showers will accompany the storms – but it won’t be substantial enough to pull many regions out of a drought.

He said: “Thunderstorms will likely be sporadic, possibly intense but too far away to be certain exactly where and when.

“It will be the breakdown of the big heat.

“But around seven days later, the picture may start to look far different with more rain on the agenda.

“Intense rain is entirely possible, in showers – but not for at least a week, maybe a little more.

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“But not enough to relieve the drought, though.”

When asked about this band of rain seeing an end to much of the summer heat, he added: “Not in one go but it will likely be the start of the end.”

Interactive weather model WXCharts shows forecasts for up to a fortnight in advance.

At the moment it is showing the latter part of next week is when temperatures will first take a tumble.

From Thursday, August 18 the mercury will take a dip to 20C in the warmest region, the south, increasing by one or three degrees by August 24.

The Met Office’s long-range forecast for the end of August and the start of September doesn’t necessarily indicate a colder spell – but shows more “changeable” conditions are to be expected.

It says: “To begin with, settled conditions are likely, bringing sunny and dry weather for most.

“However, as we move through August and into September, more changeable weather can be expected.

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“Spells of wet weather are likely, with the northwest seeing the wettest conditions and the southeast staying the driest.

“Sunny and dry spells in between rainfall can be expected, and temperatures are likely to remain above average.”

In the meantime, many sunseekers can enjoy this week – with temperatures climbing for the next two days, and peaking in the mid-30s for many by Saturday, August 13.

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