UK fortress town with miles of beaches that’s untouched by 21st century

A UK fortress town which is home to miles and miles of sandy beaches is encased in a string of 13th-century medieval walls that means it's 'protected from outside world'.

Tenby in Pembrokeshire, southwest Wales, is often named as one of the United Kingdom's prettiest settlements, partly because it has been able to ward off the effects of the 21st century and maintain a historic charm.

It is "lovingly protected from the outside world", according to Tripadvisor, and the Telegraph named it one of the 'best seaside towns' in Britain.

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It came in eighth in the UK in general, beating the likes of Southend-On-Sea, Blackpool and Weston-Super-Mare, and topped the list for Wales as a whole.

History is piled on top of itself across the town. The Five Arches barbican gate, built in the 13th century, hints at historic fears of outside invasion.

Today, it stands as a former shell of itself, once accompanied by three similar structures that were removed in 1781, 1797, and finally 1811.

Historians say there may well have been 24 such gates, all protecting the little seaside town with the region's most strategic position.

Then there's the 15th-century St Mary's Church, an odd structure located at the heart of the town, part of the Diocese of Saint David's within the Church in Wales.

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However, this church is older than it seems, some 200 years older, and still maintains some of its 13th-century features. The chancel's wagon roof and panelled ceiling has 75 bosses carried in a variety of intricate designs, all completed in the 1200s.

The House of Tudor owes its existence to the church, it being the hiding place of King Henry VII from his enraged predecessor Richard III.

Visitors can see this history for themselves in the National Trust's Tudor Merchant's House, a 15th-century Grade I-listed townhouse built entirely from stone originally used by a merchant for his business.

It also enjoys three miles of unspoiled coastline ripe for walking or sunbathing, that's largely free for dogs to roam across.

With plenty of places to wine and dine, Tenby has also become a haven for tourists, but still just about manages to keep its quaint atmosphere.

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