UK Covid cases and deaths both FALL as 30,301 more people test positive and 121 die

THE number of Covid cases and deaths recorded in the UK have both fallen today.

Another 30,301 Brits have tested positive in the last 24 hours, with 121 deaths.

More than 243,000 people have now tested positive for the virus in the last seven days.

But Saturday's tally marks a slight fall from the 127 deaths and 35,577 cases reported on Friday.

The number of people who have died from Covid in the UK now stands at 136,910, with the total number of cases hitting 7,871,014.

Last Saturday, 32,468 cases and 127 deaths were recorded.

While a month ago, on September 2, the UK reported 38,154 cases and 178 deaths.

As the vaccine rollout continues across the UK, 37,787 people were given their first dose in the last 24 hours, and 33,638 received their second jab.

It brings the total number of people double jabbed in the UK to 44,935,470.

Yet the number of people in England being infected with Covid each day has risen by 30 per cent in just one week.

Cases in the last seven days were up 3.1 per cent on the week before while the daily fatalities of people who had tested positive for Covid within the last 28 days were down 17 per cent.

Cases are currently highest in those aged 10-19, new data has revealed, with infections now climbing up "the generational ladder".

The seven day rate of cases across this age group is currently 1084.2 per 100,000, according to figures from Public Health England.

Data from the ZOE Covid Symptom Study app also revealed that in England, cases were up by 28.9 per cent in one week.


Professor Tim Spector, behind the symptom study app, said: "While the latest ZOE data shows new cases are up on last week, it’s encouraging to see national hospitalisation rates falling as we approach winter. 

"While most cases are still in the young, we’re seeing infections being passed up the generational ladder, likely from school children to their parents.

"This is a critical time and a little caution could make all the difference in avoiding a winter crisis for hospitals."

Parents of schoolchildren have been warned they could catch Covid in the next few weeks and they could pass it on to their older relatives.

Data shows the lowest case rates are currently in those aged 80 and above and millions more booster jabs are set to be rolled out in the coming weeks in order to protect the most vulnerable.

Infections are currently highest in the East Midlands at 440.4 per 100,000 and data published earlier this week revealed that Kettering is struggling with infections.

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