UK ‘big cat’ terror as walker stalked by beast before it ‘leapt into air’

A walker has described his terror after what he thinks was a puma stalked him and 'leapt in the air'.

The man named Jonathan was walking in the countryside in Dorset when he noticed he was being followed by an animal, claiming that it 'mirrored' his own movements.

After moving a few paces along, he spotted the creature moving with 'intent'. He then realised it was a 'big cat' who was watching him, as reported by BristolLive.

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Jonathan told the Big Cat Conversations podcast: "Every time I moved a few metres along this track, there was also a movement ahead of me that was almost mirror imagining my movement.

"And then I realised that there must have been an animal in front of me that was keeping its distance. My first thought was there's a fox that's hanging around watching me."

He said he wanted to check the animal out but swiftly changed his mind when he clocked that it was 'a puma with intent'.

"I wasn't until two or three times later that I saw this twitching in the grass. I actually thought well I'm going to check this animal out and then I saw fur then I saw ears, then I saw a tail swish," he explained.

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"It sort of flicked over its back and back down again. I thought 'oh my goodness me', and at that moment I realised what it was, I realised it was a cat and I realised it was a puma and I realised that it had intent.

"There was a reason why it was hanging around just a few metres in front of me."

He said he went out to the same site the next day to find the animal, and saw it 'leap' at a deer.

"It was a puma cub, dashing out of the bush really fast and ran towards an animal lying down in the heather. It immediately leapt upright from its lying down position in one go and leapt into the air," he said.

Recent DNA from a black hair sample, snagged on a fence at a Gloucestershire farm, was found to have 99 per cent chance it was a black leopard.

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