Twiglet the Dachshund is HOME! Puppy is returned to owners

Twiglet the Dachshund is HOME! Puppy is returned to owners following desperate appeal after the dog was snatched by thief posing as a delivery driver

  • Twiglet was found following a Facebook tip-off on Thursday evening
  • Beloved 16-month-old puppy was abducted by a man posing as a delivery driver 
  • Grateful family thanks media exposure which helped find the pet

A 16-month-old Dachshund who was stolen by a thief posing as as a delivery driver has been returned home.

Twiglet was found thanks to a tip off on Thursday evening, the owner posted.

The beloved pet was reunited with her family, including Jo Vindis, 43, her husband Jamie, 47 and their two children, 12 and 14, by 11pm last night.

Footage showed how the family were left heartbroken as the £2,000 dog was snatched away from their kitchen.

Mr Vindis said that the experience had left twiglet ‘a little subdued’ but thanked publicity and awareness for helping to get her back.

16-month-old puppy Twiglet was snatched away from the Vindis family’s home by a man pretending to be a delivery driver

Footage showed the moment the thief broke into the family home dressed as a delivery driver to steal the dog

Jamie Vindis said the family was ‘blown away’ by people who had helped get Twiglet back

He wrote: ‘Everyone…we have the most amazing news…Twig is home!!

‘She’s a little subdued by the whole experience but a tip off this evening (via Facebook) from someone that had seen all of the publicity and awareness, has meant we were able to be reunited about 11pm.’

The pet owner added that he thought the media exposure had left Twiglet ‘too hot to handle’ for any thief to hang on to. 

‘We can’t thank everyone enough for all of the posts and reposts and noise that has meant that she most likely did become ‘too hot to handle.

‘We are blown away by how amazing people have been and want to thank you all so so much.’ 

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