Trump claims he has FIVE THOUSAND prosecutors after him

Donald Trump claims he has FIVE THOUSAND prosecutors after him as he addresses North Carolina GOP convention in wake of classified documents indictment – and says ‘in a sick way’ he enjoys the attacks

  •  Donald Trump complained at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday that there are 5,000 prosecutors going after him 
  • DOJ indictment revealing 37 counts against Trump was unsealed on Friday
  • Trump’s first stop Saturday was at Georgia’s state GOP convention in Columbus

Donald Trump complained of his continued legal plights, exaggerating to a crowd in North Carolina that there are thousands of prosecutors pursuing him.

The former president lamented for much of his remarks Saturday evening about the recent Justice Department indictment levying 37 counts against him regarding his handling of classified documents.

Trump admitted that he ‘in a sick way, I sort of enjoy’ the continued attacks, noting that his popularity continues to soar the more Democrats go after him.

‘We’ve got 5,000 prosecutors after us,’ Trump said.

Donald Trump complained at the North Carolina GOP Convention on Saturday that there are 5,000 prosecutors going after him – but admitted that ‘in a sick way, I sort of enjoy’ the attacks

The latest came as Trump attended the North Carolina GOP convention dinner on Saturday evening to deliver remarks to key players in the increasingly purple-ing state. 

It came on the heels of the ex-president’s first public appearance since the documents in his ‘joke of an indictment’ were unsealed on Friday and unveiled 37 counts against Trump in the case related to his handling of classified documents.

When landing on Trump Force One at the Greensboro airport, Trump was greeted by a crowd of supporters at the hangar who wanted the chance to interact with the former president and have him sign their MAGA gear.

Some claims that the indictment against Trump has ‘backfired’ and only emboldened his base.

Trump repeated this sentiment at his first speech of the day in Columbus, Georgia, saying that the charges have only improved his poll numbers.

The afternoon speech to the Peach State’s GOP convention was used by Trump as his time to counterpunch against the Democratic establishment after the indictment was unsealed on Friday.

‘In the end, they’re not coming after me, they’re coming after you —and I’m just standing in their way and I always will,’ Trump told the Republican crowd.

After stepping off Trump Force One at the Greensboro, North Carolina airport on Saturday afternoon, the former president was greeted by supporters waiting to have their MAGA swag signed 

The Justice Department unsealed an indictment Friday levying 37 counts against Trump and revealing the former president kept classified documents in a bathroom at Mar-a-Lago and in boxes on a stage of the Florida club

The 2024 candidate appeared alongside Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in his first remarks since the Department of Justice (DOJ) unveiled 37 counts against him in his classified documents case, including 31 counts of Willful Retention of National Defense Information under the Espionage Act.

He will appear in a Miami court on Tuesday afternoon and has already said he will ‘of course’ plead not guilty.

In the North Carolina town with a population of 298,263, Trump was right at home at the Sheraton ballroom in small-town, red America speaking to a crowd of delegates and other North Carolina Republican Party insiders.

Trump won North Carolina by only a 1.34 percent margin over President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election.

During his remarks in Georgia earlier on Saturday, the former chief executive continued to up his rhetoric against the Justice Department, FBI, Biden and Democrats overall, slamming the ‘double standard’ in federal government.

‘Republicans are treated much differently at the Justice Department than Democrats,’ he lamented.

The former president added: ‘Every time I fly over a blue state I get a subpoena.’

Attendees of the North Carolina Republican Party Convention walk through vendor and campaign booths in Greensboro before Trump’s remarks at the convention’s dinner on Saturday evening

The back-to-back appearances on Saturday follows revelations that Trump left classified documents scattered across his bathroom at his Florida estate and in boxes stacked on the Mar-a-Lago ballroom stage.

The 49-page indictment also makes the stunning allegation that Trump bragged to aides about taking military secrets.

Details laid out in the indictment are far more damning than first thought, and could land Trump in serious legal peril with a potential of decades in prison if he is convicted.

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