Trooping the Colour route map: The King's Birthday Parade timings

Trooping the Colour route map: The King’s Birthday Parade timings and the best places to watch it

  • The King’s first official birthday as Sovereign will be celebrated on Sat June 17
  • But when does it start and where is the best place to watch? Read on to find out 

King Charles III is preparing to celebrate his first official birthday as Sovereign with a traditional ceremony given in respect by the armed forces.

While the King was born in November, he is continuing the long standing tradition of Trooping the Colour. 

The event first began in 1748 and now involves 1400 parading soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians in a display of military precision to honour His Majesty The King. 

On Saturday 17 June the streets will be packed with supporters, so if you’re wanting to get a good look at the royals, here is a guide on when to get there and where to stand. 

A map of where Trooping the Colour will take place on Saturday June 17, 2023

The King presents new Sovereign’s Standard to the Blues and Royals at Buckingham Palace, the regiment will provide the Sovereign’s Escort at Trooping the Colour

King Charles III is joined by Princess Anne during the ceremony at Buckingham Palace on June 15

Charles will appear on horseback for the royal tradition – the first time a monarch has ridden at the iconic parade for more than 30 years

What is the Trooping the Colour route?

  • The ceremony begins at 10:00am and lasts until around 1pm, the route is as follows:
  • The King will travel down The Mall from Buckingham Palace on horseback, with an escort from the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.   
  • Once the clock on the Horse Guards chimes King Charles III will arrive to take the Royal Salute from the officers and men of the Household Division.
  • Following the salute, The King will ride up and down the ranks, inspecting the troops.
  • The bands will perform a musical ‘troop’ and the Regimental Colour is escorted up and down the ranks of Guards.
  • The Foot Guards and the Household Cavalry then march past His Majesty, The King’s Troop and Royal Horse Artillery with their guns.
  • The King will ride back to Buckingham Palace ahead of his guards before taking salute in front of the Palace railings as the troops march past on their way to their barracks.
  • The King joins other members of the Royal Family on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to watch a flypast by the Royal Air Force at approximately 1pm.

Best places to watch Trooping the Colour

Pictured: Horse Guards Parade in London on June 10, 2023 ahead of The King’s Birthday Parade

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For those who haven’t managed to get tickets for Trooping the Colour, you will be able to watch from the sidelines. 

As the days’ events commence at 10am, members of the public wishing to watch are advised to stand on The Mall or at the edge of St James’ Park, overlooking Horse guards. 

To get the best spot Royalists should try to get there at 9:00am or earlier, but can still find a decent spot around 11pm.

Make sure to wait until 12pm and you will be able to see different members of the royal family pass by in their carriages. 

Once reaching The Mall, you should try to find a spot about three-quarters of the way up near the barricades, which will open after The King has passed. 

Enjoy the ceremony, and wait until the police have opened the barricades to walk to the Palace. 

Walk down to Buckingham palace and aim to get there before 1pm, if the air show begins before you get there you can stay put to watch it. 

But if you’re still wanting to catch a glimpse of the royals on their balcony, speed up to catch them as they may shortly go inside. 

However, as this is His Majesty King Charles’ first Trooping the Colour, they may stay on the balcony slightly longer. 

Where else can I watch Trooping the Colour?

Those living outside of London can enjoy the events on TV and Live Streaming. 

Trooping the Colour is broadcast every year by the BBC, with live coverage of the entire event on BBC1 or via iPlayer for free online streaming 

There is also widespread TV and online coverage of the event in countries across the world including the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. 

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