Transgender model bares breasts outside White House after posing with Joe Biden

A transgender model has sparked a debate after she fondled her breasts at a pride party at White House.

Rose Montoya, who was invited to attend the LGBTQ celebration, hosted by US president Joe Biden, on Saturday (June 10).

The 27-year-old transgender model and actress was dragged into a heated discussion after viewers saw her unbooking her dress in public.

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In a compilation video of the event she posted on Monday, Rose showed how the garden party went.

She put on a white tube dress and matched with gold-tone accessories for the special event.

Mr Biden met the guests after giving a speech on the stage, saying: "Happy Pride month, happy Pride year, happy Pride life."

Rose had a chance to greet the president and said: "Hi Mr President, can we take a photo?"

The guests stood behind Mr Biden and beamed a smile before Rose realised that he was taking a video.

She stayed on the South Lawn and danced with her friends.

At one point, she lowered her dress and jiggled her breasts next to her friends, who showed off their mastectomy after having their breasts removed.

"Are we topless at the White House?" one person is heard asking while filming.

Rose wrote in the video caption: "I had the honour of attending White House Pride, the largest one in history where the pride flag flew for the first time.

"This is trans joy.

"We're here at the White House unapologetically trans, queer and brown."

Viewers however don't think Rose should bare her top.

One said: "It's all about the pride and support but when you are at the White House, show some class and respect. The topless was unnecessary even for your side kicks."

"You can still have self-respect and moral when you're at a government building," another criticised.

And a third wrote: "That was rude, disrespectful and inappropriate. I fully support all people of all orientations but I do not support this."

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