Tourist loses her left after being MANGLED by an airport’s moving walkway

A woman has lost her leg after it was mangled by a moving walkway at an airport in Thailand.

The 57-year-old passenger was about to fly south from Bangkok’s Mueang Airport to Nakhon Si Thammarat on Thursday morning when the freak accident happened.

She tripped over her own pink suitcase before her leg was dragged into the end of the travelator.

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Shocked onlookers rushed to deactivate the emergency switch, but the machine continued to mangle her leg, causing severe damage to the muscles, tendons, and bones.

Airport officials confirmed that a medical team at the scene made the difficult decision to cut off her left leg from above the knee. 

The tourist was then urgently transported to Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital in the capital city for further medical care.

She was initially taken to  Karun Hospital, where she was told reattaching her severed limb was not feasible. 

But she requested to be transferred to another medical facility for a second opinion on the possibility of limb reattachment.

Airport authorities investigated the accident to find out the exact cause. They noted that the woman’s suitcase was missing two wheels, and the protective yellow plates, which typically cover the edge of the belt where the moving walkway ends, were visibly broken.

The travelator has now been temporarily closed as a precaution. 

An engineering team has been deployed to conduct a thorough inspection and implement necessary security checks to ensure the safety of passengers.

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Don Mueang Airport said in a statement: “The director of Don Mueang Airport and management has visited the patient to follow up on the treatment and received information from the medical team at Bhumibol Hospital that she is currently in the process of receiving treatment from the medical team.

“Don Mueang Airport is deeply saddened by the incident and ready to fully accept the responsibility as well as take care of the medical expenses and compensation.”

The airport said no flights were delayed due to the accident.

According to the airport director, the walkway in question was manufactured by the renowned Japanese company Hitachi and was installed in 1996. However, in light of the recent incident, plans are underway to seek a budget for the installation of a newer walkway model by 2025.

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