‘Too late to leave’: CFA battles out-of-control fire near Flowerdale

Residents close to a regional town north of Melbourne have been told they are in danger and that it is too late to leave, as firefighters battle an out-of-control blaze.

The Country Fire Authority attended a grass fire at Spring Valley Road at Flowerdale, about 95 kilometres north of Melbourne, about 3pm on Tuesday.

Emergency authorities say the out-of-control Flowerdale blaze is moving in a northerly direction.Credit:Nine News

Thirty-six fire units attended the scene to try and extinguish the flames.

The grass fire continued to spread in a northerly direction, triggering Emergency Management Victoria to issue a “leave now” warning for Dairy Creek, Ghin Ghin, Homewood, Kerrisdale, Strath Creek and Yea.

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