TikTok tearaway Mizzy posts videos after slap on wrist for 'pranks'

Mizzy trolls the law… again: TikTok tearaway, 18, posts new videos online after getting slap on the wrist for vile ‘pranks’ including home invasion

  • Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, 18, spent the bank holiday weekend in police custody
  • It follows three alleged breaches of a CBO, handed to him last week in court 

TikTok tearaway Mizzy has been busy trolling the law – again – in new videos posted just days after being handed a slap on the wrist for a series of awful ‘pranks’ which culminated in home invasions.

In videos posted on Twitter last night the teenager appeared to celebrate after being granted bail from outside HMP Thameside, following alleged breaches of the terms of a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO).

The social media user, 18, real name Bacari-Bronze O’Garro, was handed a CBO by a court last week following a series of social media videos featuring him storming into a family home, stealing a pensioner’s dog and jumping on an Orthodox Jewish man.

He was yesterday granted bail by Thames Magistrates’ Court after spending the Bank Holiday weekend behind bars at HMP Thameside.

O’Garro, from Hackney, London, previously appeared at the same court on Saturday, where he pleaded not guilty to three breaches of a criminal behaviour order (CBO) in relation to a ‘prank’ video posted on TikTok.

‘Mizzy’, 18, posted a new video on Tuesday night ‘celebrating’ his release from custody

He was handed a Criminal Behaviour Order last week after a series of vile pranks which included bursting into people’s homes and cars without permission

In a video posted following his release from custody, O’Garro emerged from behind the sign outside the prison, nodding and grinning as he clutched his possessions in a plastic bag.

The 18-year-old was filmed by an unseen friend and yelled ‘yeah man’ as he celebrated his release from prison. He then boasted: ‘We outside!’ as the filmmaker laughed.

Pointing to the sign, O’Garro took a sip of a drink out of a bottle as he grinned widely at the camera.

He posted the video with the caption: ‘The movement is real.’

In a second video posted just over an hour after the first, O’Garro filmed himself in a car being driven by a friend, with a second person in the rear seat behind him.

One of the friends makes a rude gesture at the camera as loud music plays.

Alongside the post, O’Garro wrote: ‘Everyone consented to be in the video’, followed by two laughing emojis. He added: ‘#mizzyisback’.

Under the terms of his CBO, O’Garro is not allowed to post any videos containing other people without their express consent to feature in it. 

He is also banned from certain places, including Westfield shopping centre in Stratford. 

The teenager was charged by the Metropolitan Police on May 27 with three alleged breaches of the order after being arrested a day earlier.

Bacari-Bronze O’Garro was held at HMP Thameside over the Bank Holiday weekend over three alleged breaches of his CBO

Rose Edwin, prosecuting, told the court at a previous hearing that two of the three alleged offences took place on May 25, with O’Garro accused of posting a video onto social media without the consent of the people featured. The court heard he also visited the Westfield Centre in Stratford.

O’Garro allegedly visited Hackney on May 26, where he is accused of posting a video onto social media without the consent of the people featured.

He denied the charges when he appeared in court on Saturday, but was remanded in custody over the Bank Holiday weekend before his release yesterday.

It is understood he was remanded over the weekend after his mother refused to allow him back home.

Speaking outside court yesterday, O’Garro claimed the breach of the CBO was not his fault.

He said: ‘I explained to the court that I didn’t know the breach was on my terms because they didn’t give me the map for the CBO around Westfield and stuff like that, so hopefully that gets bust.

‘I need to alternate the conditions on my thing (the CBO).’ 

Since O’Garro’s arrest other previous videos have come to light, including showing him lying on the top of a moving bus and entering a driver’s compartment in a train in Stratford. 

Following his court appearance last Wednesday, he bragged about his antics during a TV interview with Piers Morgan, declaring: ‘UK laws are weak.’ 

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