TikTok influencer on how she pockets £1,900 a month helping rich women

Australian TikTok star Emily Brogan has shown how she pockets an extra £1,900 a month by helping wealthy women organise their wardrobes.

The influencer, who boasts over 204,000 followers with 5.3 million likes on her TikTok account, has fulfilled her plan to migrate to London using a side hustle to save up for the move, reports The Daily Express US.

Emily set up a side business that offers a service to help wealthy women in Brisbane organise their homes, which include organising and colour-coordinating thair wardrobes.

She advertised her services using local Facebook groups and recently broke down how she was able to grow the idea from an idea into a reality.

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The content creator said: “I posted in them and I was like, ‘Hey guys, like I have extreme OCD. I love organising and I have this dream to move to London, if you want to help me you could hire me to come and I charge $50 an hour.”

In order to make sure she was getting the right clientele, she promoted her services in areas where she knew people would be able to afford to pay £40 ($50 US) upfront.

While detailing her plan, Emily noted: “I was like /’oh there’s no way people are gonna pay me $50, wages in Australia like you know between like $20-30.

“I was charging double time here, I was charging for a bank holiday. I was inundated with people like rich mums being like, let me help you sweetie let me help you live out your dream.”

Once people knew of her side hustle, Emily found herself booked “all the time” and was working 12 hours a day. 

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Alongside this second job, she was also working 30-hour weeks in retail which also allowed her to save for London.

Following her success, the influencer encouraged her followers who share similar dreams or ambitions to take on an easy side hustle to achieve their goals. 

Ms Brogan added: “It was such a good time, I was rocking up to these houses and untangling necklaces for 30 minutes for $50.

“So many people, if you have a vision, make that s*** happen.

There are no excuses if you have a goal in mind to do it and it will happen.”

Anyone interested in following Emily’s content can do so through her TikTok.

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