Threat of mass violence in California was a social media prank: cops

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A social media post that threatened the mass shooting of minorities in southern California on Sunday turned out to be fake, local police said.

A Reddit post using the name of a Lakewood man promised gun violence but the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department found the threat wasn’t credible.

“The Lakewood resident cooperated fully with Sheriff’s Dept investigators, and investigators now believe that the resident was the victim of what is known as ‘swatting,’ ” a statement on the Lakewood Twitter account said.

Swatting includes fake 911 calls or communications reporting a crime in progress “with the intent of creating hysteria and a large-scale law enforcement response,” the statement read.

“The Sheriff’s Department does not believe that the social media posting this morning related to potential violence is a credible threat,” the statement continued.

“The Sheriff’s Department will be investigating further to determine who was behind the false post.”

The original Reddit post appears to have been deleted, but screenshots of the post showed a man promising to leave a 192-page manifesto “rationalizing and explaining” his hate toward minorities.

The author claimed to be a longtime resident who had been bullied and threatened to use an AR-15 and Glock 18 to shoot “every minority in sight.”

“I am aiming for at least 10, but the more the better,” the post said.

The post also threatened members of the City Council, according to screenshots posted to social media.

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