The times Sky Sports' Martin Brundle has 'wound up' celebrities at F1

Why DOES Martin Brundle ‘wind up’ celebrities? The times Sky Sports host has rubbed famous faces up the wrong way – from Machine Gun Kelly ‘storming off’ and Cara Delevingne’s ‘snub’ to ‘awkward’ Anthony Joshua grid walk

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These are the times Sky Sports’ Martin Brundle has wound up celebrities at F1 – from Machine Gun Kelly storming off to Cara Delevingne snubbing his request for a chat.  

The racing driver-turned-broadcaster, 64, has had his fair share of awkward interview moments since starting at Sky Sport in 2012  – with viewers admitting they wanted to ‘curl up and die’ during certain exchanges. 

Brundle’s grid-walks are one of the best loved parts of race days on the F1 circuit, as the presenter makes his way up and down the starting grid looking to snag a few moments with the stars in attendance. 

But Brundle has become known for grinding the gears of some celebs – the most recent being 33-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly who stormed away from the presenter during the ‘most awkward interview ever’. 

Other instances include when he was snubbed by model and actor Cara Delevingne, and his ‘awkward’ grid walk moment with boxer Anthony Joshua. 

Machine Gun Kelly left fans cringing after storming away from Martin Brundle during an excruciatingly awkward interview at the Brazilian Grand Prix yesterday 

Brundle was told by a security aide that supermodel Cara Delevingne didn’t want to chat live on air at the British Grand Prix earlier this year 

Brundle (centre) was made to wait for his chance to talk with Anthony Joshua 

Fans reacted to Brundle’s awkward interview with Machine Gun Kelly 

Machine Gun Kelly left fans cringing this week after storming away from Brundle in an excruciating interview at the Brazilian Grand Prix. 

The American rapper, also known as Colson Baker, was stopped by the racing driver-turned-broadcaster for a gridwalk interview before a race. 

The unlikely duo engaged in conversation for a two-minute chat filled with awkward pauses, leading to MGK storming away from Brundle.

The interview, which seemed awkward from the beginning, became unbearable to watch when MGK initiated a live ‘air guitar and piano’ session with the former driver.

He said: ‘Can you give me your best air guitar?’

But his interviewer was clearly embarrassed and said: ‘No there’s millions [of people watching]. You do it!

‘Uh no, I can’t. I learnt the piano once and I learnt the middle C and that was about it.’

Kelly, however, was determined not to give up. He continued: ‘Give me your best air piano!

Brundle and MGK did not gel from the start, but things took a turn for the worse after the rapper encouraged a ‘live air guitar and piano’ session with the broadcaster

MGK said he was ‘honoured’ to attend the race on Sunday

During his encounter with the model, Brundle explained to the security aide that she didn’t have a choice, saying ‘everybody talks on the grid’

The racing legend ploughed on saying ‘Good to see you on the grid’

As he walked away, the supermodel raised her thumb at the camera

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‘Let’s do an air guitar and air piano collaboration right now! Come on! 3, 2, 1… I need keys I need keys!’

But a flustered and panicked Brundle made excuses: ‘I can’t do it! I probably need to get on as there’s some people I need to see.’

Left furious by his lack of participation, MGK gave the camera a thumbs down and stormed away, shaking his head.

In his interview with Delevingne in July, the model left Brundle high and dry on the grid at the British Grand Prix, after snubbing his request for a chat live on camera.

Brundle was covering the live action from Silverstone when the 30-year-old model gave him short shrift when he approached her with a Sky Sports F1 microphone – leaving fans watching at home outraged by the model’s ‘rude’ response. 

In the clip, with the Red Arrows roaring above, Brundle spots Delevingne nearby but is quickly told by an apparent security aide that ‘she doesn’t want to talk’. 

The broadcaster is clearly keen to get his chat anyway, saying: ‘That’s the deal now, everybody talks on the grid.’ 

As he moves closer to try and make the interview happen, Delevingne’s face turns to a grimace but he continues: ‘Can we have a quick chat at Sky F1? Good to see you on the grid.’

Anthony Joshua was in attendance at the Circuit of the Americas for the US Grand Prix

Joshua is one of a number of high-profile sport stars who have invested in the Alpine F1 team

The supermodel gives a curt ‘no’, shaking her head, before repeating ‘no’.

Clearly frustrated, Brundle tells her: ‘The deal is everybody has to speak on the grid…’

She responds, not making eye contact and looking away, saying: ‘I can’t hear anything, sorry.’

Unimpressed, Brundle replies with more than a hint of sarcasm, telling viewers: ‘Okay, well, I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting’ at which point the model offered a thumb’s up to the camera.  

And last month it was an interaction with Anthony Joshua that left fans wincing.

On his way down the grid, Brundle spotted Joshua – not a difficult task by any means given his massive 1.98m, 111kg frame – and angled towards the heavyweight boxing superstar.

However, Joshua was already in conversation with an astronaut, Jeremy Hansen, at the time with Brundle waiting patiently for his turn.

‘I think he’s seen us,’ the veteran pit pundit said, ‘If not, I think we’re going to chat with Rory McIlroy and can come back.’

But wait he did, and the 30-or-so seconds that he was left hanging felt a lot longer to some viewers.

One wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter: ‘Another grid walk, another celebrity Martin Brundle exchange making me CURL UP AND DIE. Anthony Joshua, he’s waiting for you!!!!’ 

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