The Iron Sheik’s insane antics – murder plot, brawls and Cocaine Bear fight

WWE legend The Iron Sheik provided fans years of entertainment both in the ring and out of it, with a mad life full of insane antics.

From calling out Cocaine Bear for a fight to a murder plot which rocked his life, the late Sheik, real name Hossein Khosrow Ali Vaziri, was a loose cannon.

The Iron Sheik passed today at the age of 81, his family confirmed through his social media profiles, paying tribute to a one-time WWF Champion.

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His antics outside the ring though included peeing on himself during a radio interview and brawling with fellow wrestlers in a mad backstage bout against Canadian Football League players.

The Iron Sheik appeared to be as tough outside the ring as he was within it, as evidenced by his raging and bitter fight against Dave Fleming.

A bust-up between CFL star Fleming and WWE legend Bruno Sammartino saw The Iron Sheik involve himself in the mania of the moment, with a group of sports stars throwing hands at one another.

It seems the Sheik was more than capable of handling some rough and rowdy ways backstage, with a physical fight breaking out between Hossein, Bruno and the CFL players.

Fighting was often on the mind of The Sheik, and even in his final years, he was calling out people and on one occasion, fictional animals, for a fight.

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The Daily Star previously reported the wildcard Sheik's desire to square off against Cocaine Bear, the animal protagonist of the recent movie of the same name.

Taking to Twitter and fuming at the beloved cinematic bear, The Sheik said: "Cocaine Bear you are a big time jabroni. If you ever f**k with me I swear to the Jeuss I break your f***ing neck."

Tough talk from the 81-year-old, who sadly never got his match with the fictional bear, although he should have taken some of that fiery rage to marmalade-loving Paddington.

But The Sheik was often on the receiving end of potential beatdowns also, and in one instance, fans wanted him dead.

His time as World Champion was, at the time, a major draw for hate and heat in the ring.

Fans were so furious when The Sheik bagged the WWF Championship they threatened to kill him, and some very nearly succeeded according to The Sportster.

His altercations with fans outside of the arena stemmed from his character in the ring winning the World Championship, and security detail would often be tasked with holding back furious mobs.

These mobs were so bad, The Sheik was smuggled from arenas in the back of an ambulance so fans would not follow, before dropping him at his car parked miles away.

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Those who followed The Iron Sheik after his retirement seem to have turned their hate into respect and love for the former WWF Champion.

His antics on Twitter delighted wrestling fans as The Sheik often tweeted at famous faces including fellow wrestler Hulk Hogan and ex-US president Donald Trump to "f**k themselves".

Fuming at a tweet from fast food restaurant McDonald's of all places, The Sheik fumed that "people s**t their pants when they eat your food".

Speaking of bowel movements, a clearly drunk Hossein's appearance on the Opie and Antony show featured some rather bizarre moments, including The Sheik urinating on himself, WhatCulture reported.

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