Terrified mum went into labour early after giant rat jumped out of £3k sofa

A freaked out mum gave birth early after a giant rat leaped out of her sofa and began a mad dash around her house.

Tori Wedgewood, 25, triggered an early labour after the stressful incident saw her Jack Russell ruin the furniture while chasing after the invasive rodent.

The hectic ordeal began when Tori, who was at home with pet dog Molly, heard a strange noise coming from the inside the settee, worth £3,000

She called over her in-laws Gavin and Clare, who live next door, to help get to the bottom of the mystery.

Her father-in-law then began to take the sofa apart as Molly leapt inside to have a look herself — and got more than she bargained for when a rat jumped out and ran all over her body.

What followed was a manic scene which saw the dog run around the house attempting to corner it while Gavin egged her on.

The canny canine eventually caught the rat, while Gavin shouted for a frying pan to give the rat a fatal blow.

A quick check of the property found no more troublesome pests — but the "hilarious" surreal moment turned out to be just the start of a hectic day as Tori noticed her waters were breaking.

Describing what happened next, the new mum said: "When I went to the toilet, I noticed my waters had slightly broke and there were spots of blood. A trip to the hospital confirmed that I was in labour."

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Tori gave birth to baby Jude two months early at Durham Hospital on April 29, and has joked in hindsight that she had "the rat to thank for Jude’s early arrival."

Husband Carl has meanwhile reflected on the "crazy" premature birth which came despite his wife being "totally fine beforehand" with "no pains or anything".

He added: "It’s crazy to see Jude here, his face is there and he should be inside of her still. It’s a good job he came, he looks great.

"The birth was great, she managed really well."

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