Teen’s nightmare job interview sees her in jail as office is raided by police

An unlucky 19-year-old got caught up in a police raid after going to a job interview for a company involved in scamming people.

Livia Ramos de Souza turned up for the interview on June 5 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil expecting to be quizzed for a work vacancy.

However, her family has now told how the company – Icon Investimentos – was one big scam, and a police raid took place while she was there.

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The scams involved selling non-existent cars to buyers, and Livia was allegedly participating in a training session when she was arrested along with 17 others, aged between 18 and 30, on suspicion of financial fraud.

Mum Cristiane Pinto Ramos, 51, says she has not been able to contact her daughter since the day of her arrest, and said that Livia had just completed a youth apprenticeship and was looking for full-time work.

The job at Icon Investimentos would have involved her selling consortiums and receiving a commission on her sales, according to the job description.

Cristiane told local media: “She saw the job opening on the internet, on the Infojobs website.

“When she arrived there, they immediately had her start computer training.

“She didn't sign anything, didn't make any sales, and no money was deposited into her account.

“I was at work, and at around 8pm she called me in a distraught state, saying that she had been arrested.”

Livia reportedly arrived at the company's offices around 10am, and the police arrived and arrested everyone at 2pm.

When she called her mother hours later, she asked her to come to the 58th Police Precinct to get her out, but she was unable to secure Livia's release – the two have not been able to speak since.

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“When I saw that nothing was happening and she didn't get released at the custody hearing, I quickly hired a private lawyer to handle Livia's case.” she said.

“Her situation is different – it was her first day on the job, she didn't know anything about this company.

“The judge won't release her, nobody understands.”

The Penitentiary Administration Department has told local media that Livia is being held at the Oscar Stevenson Women's Prison and is awaiting transfer, but did not clarify where to.

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