Sussex’s time as ‘power couple has expired’ as Duchess eyes ‘governor’ role

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's time at the top could be coming to a close as an expert warned their "power couple" image has "expired".

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex charted a series of lucrative deals with Spotify and Netflix after they left active roles in the Royal Family back in 2020.

But it would appear their public image is floundering and royal expert Kinsey Schofield, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, claimed the pair have "hurt" too many people to relaunch themselves.

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Meghan was previously rumoured to be eyeing a move into politics, a move which expert Schofield believes Meghan would "fit right" into.

Speaking to the Daily Star, expert Schofield said: "I think Harry and Meghan’s time as a power couple has expired. I certainly agree that there was a time when they WERE a power couple… scooping up monstrous media deals with Spotify and Netflix."

Instead, the duo are now likened to "Wallis and Edward territory these days," with a less than flattering comparison made between the Sussex duo and Harry's great-great-uncle, the abdicating King Edward VIII.

Schofield continued: "They have been disruptive; their actions have hurt too many people, and they have damaged their credibility by creating a divide between the truth and 'their truth'.

"Audiences are forgiving over time, but the Sussex brand is currently considered quite toxic."

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Their "toxic" brand may prove troublesome should the duo wish to chart any further impressions in the entertainment field, but Meghan could be set for a move to politics.

The Daily Star previously reported Meghan could be shifting herself into the political sphere, a role which expert Schofield believes would suit the Duchess, but she admits the people would rather vote for infamous meme singer William Hung than the royal.

She said: "As a resident of the state of California, I can tell you that most people would rather vote for William Hung than Meghan Markle for governor.

"But Meghan would fit right in in the political space as she has mastered the art of promising a lot, delivering very little."

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