Shaima Dallali says she has received barrage of death threats

NUS president Shaima Dallali says she has received barrage of death threats after being suspended for ‘anti-Semitism’ after tweeting about ancient battle between Muslims and Jews

  • Dallali said that the attacks had taken a toll on her mental and physical health
  • In 2012 Dallai sent out a Tweet for which she is currently being investigated
  •  The NUS president has been suspended and is awaiting an outcome of an independent inquiry.

The President of the National Union of Students who is currently suspended over claims of antisemitism says she’s received multiple death threats.

Dallali, is currently under investigation for anti-Semitism following a tweet that she wrote 10 years ago referencing the Battle of Khaybar – an ancient battle between Muslims and Jews. 

But during this investigation, Dallali says she has been threatened with her life and subjected to a torrent of racist abuse..

One email, allegedly sent to Dallali, reads: ‘I will kill you in the name of Israel and all Israelis you f***in terrorist.’

Another read: ‘I hope you die a painful death you f***ing Arab sandbag. We will find you and kill you.’

Addressing the threats in a tweet, Dallali wrote: ‘I always knew it would be difficult being a black, Muslim woman in the public eye but the racist and Islamophobic abuse I have been subjected to and death threats I have received since becoming NUS president are not ok.’

‘I came into this role with so much hope and enthusiasm to build on the amazing work of the student movement and to serve students across the UK. Instead, I’ve been subjected to the most horrifying attacks on my character, my faith and my identity,’ she told The Tab. 

‘No doubt, these attacks have taken a toll on my mental and physical health.. But what keeps me going is the thousands of incredible students who elected me with an overwhelming majority. I was elected by them with the promise of serving them and that I would never give up on them.

‘There are those who are working tirelessly to make sure that women who look like me never feel welcomed or safe in public positions. I’m also working hard to make sure that no black, Muslim women who assume this role in the future has to ever experience what I’ve experienced.

‘I’m proud to be Muslim and I’m proud to be serving students across the country who are facing some of the most difficult challenges that students have ever had to face’ she added. 

Shaima Dallali is subject to an ongoing probe into her own conduct focusing on a tweet she sent ten years ago that referenced a massacre of Jewish people. 

Dallali has been subject to claims of antisemitism largely focused on a tweet she wrote ten years ago that referenced a massacre of Jewish people.

In 2012, she sent out a Tweet which read: ‘Khaybar Khaybar O Jews … Muhammad’s army will return #Gaza.’

Last month, the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) accused Dallali of ‘attacking the Jewish community,’ while a group of former NUS presidents wrote a letter calling on the union to investigate the claims.

What is the Battle of Khaybar and when did it happen?

  • The ancient battle was fought in the 7th century in 628 CE at Khaybar (present-day Saudia Arabia) 
  • Islamic sources say that Muslim troop led by Muhammed marched on Khaybar against the Jews 
  • According to the same sources, the Jews breached an agreement with the Muslims
  •  According to sources, the Muslim army had 1400 to 1800 men, some Muslim women also joined
  • As part of the terms of surrender, the Jews were forced to evacuate the area and surrender their wealth 


Dallali, who has also apologised for the historical tweet.

At the time, Dallali told The Tab: ‘My hands are outstretched to all students that work in our movement, including Jewish students, and I have already expressed my willingness to arrange a meeting once I take office.’

Shaima Dallali was due to take up her post in July but has been suspended by the NUS, awaiting an outcome of the independent inquiry.

Palestinian societies at LSE, King’s College London, Manchester Uni and Liverpool Uni are all coming out in support of Dallali.

Students at those unis, and others, are sharing an Instagram post that reads: ‘Since her election, Dallali has been targeted for her advocacy of Palestinian rights; she has been abused online with death threats, anti-black and Islamophobic remarks.

‘As students we reject this concerted attempt to remove and delegitimise a black, Muslim woman from a position of leadership within the student movement.’

The Campaign Against Antisemitism said: ‘While the details of this unprecedented reported suspension of Shaima Dallali are not yet clear, it may be a very promising first step by NUS as the investigation by Rebecca Tuck QC, to which we have contributed, progresses.

‘We hope that this suspension represents the first acknowledgement by NUS of how dreadful its relations with Jewish students have become, and augurs real change at the union, but it is too early to tell. We will continue to ensure that NUS is held to account for its record and is supported if it shows, for the first time, a real good faith effort to reform.’

The NUS said: ‘We cannot comment at this time as we are in the middle of an independent QC-led investigation into allegations of antisemitism. But as we have said before, we are prepared to take any and all actions recommended by Rebecca Tuck QC’s investigation.’

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