Serial seagull killer jailed for impaling chick on fence and slamming another

A thug has been jailed after he slammed one seagull to its death and killed another one before brutally impaling it on a fence.

Terrence Johnston, 41, attacked two innocent herring gull chicks in Sunderland in July of this year.

The heartless animal killer climbed a fence and caught his first victim, a baby gull, before killing it and impaling it on the railings, magistrates in South Tyneside heard last Monday (October 3).

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Johnston then grabbed a second animal and swung it around before slamming it on a surface and lobbing it over the fence.

The bird quickly died of its injuries.

The Sunderland man was arrested for the killings and later admitted to the deliberate slaughter of the two wild birds, the Mirror reports.

Johnston was handed a 16-week jail sentence as a result of his cruelty towards the "defenceless" creatures, which officers branded "abhorrent".

Rural engagement and wildlife enforcement officer PC Peter Baker said: “This is an appalling case and I am pleased Johnston’s actions have led to a jail term. There is never any excuse for this kind of abhorrent abuse.

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“Both gulls were juveniles and had only recently fledged their nests. It is possible that they were not yet able to fully fly – so were defenceless.

“I sincerely hope this case sends out a strong message to everyone.

"Wildlife crime is something we take seriously and we are committed to taking swift and robust action against anyone who hurts or abuses animals."

Baker added he hoped to continue to educate the public about the importance of nurturing wildlife and said police and the RSPCA would continue to investigate abuse against animals.

Seagulls have long suffered abuse at the hands of angry seaside-goers.

Earlier this year a man punched one to death outside a Wetherspoons after it stole a single chip, with horrified witnesses saying he gave the poor bird a "good wallop".

Staff at the Lord High Constable of England in Gloucester Docks informed police and the RSPCA of the attack and provided CCTV of the incident which took place in June of this year.

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The man was also barred from the pub.

One fellow pub-goer said: "I did not see it but I heard the clunk of the gull being hit.

"I turned around a someone asked the man if he had punched the seagull.

"He did not care though. He just said 'yeah I did. It nicked one of my chips.'"


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