Serial rapist police officer who turned 12 women into slaves jailed for life

Twisted sex beast David Carrick – the former Metropolitan Police officer who was unmasked as a serial rapist who subjected his victims to horrific acts of cruelty – has been jailed for life.

The evil pervert, 48, will spend a minimum of 30 years and 239 days behind bars following a lengthy hearing at Southwark Crown Court, parts of which were televised live on BBC News.

Southwark Crown Court heard how Carrick had threatened his victims with guns, regular threatening texts of "I am the boss", and even forced them to dance naked in tiny understairs cupboards for him.

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Other details were so shocking that the live TV feed had to be stopped and cut away from on numerous occasions as Justice Cheema-Grubb delivered her sentencing remarks.

The judge revealed that Carrick was referred to as a "panty sniffer" and someone who "should be reported to Crimestoppers" by a Facebook friend before he was finally snared.

The court heard Carrick also attempted to kill himself while on remand at Belmarsh prison and was detained in a secure hospital but was found not to be suffering from any mental disorder.

Mrs Justice Cheema-Grubb told him: “You were driven to try to commit suicide as a self-pitying reaction to the shame brought on you by these proceedings rather than remorse.”

Whilst still a serving police officer he admitted 24 counts of rape as well as charges of sexual assault, controlling and coercive behaviour and false imprisonment.

He admitted to 49 criminal charges overall. However, some of his attacks are multiple incident counts meaning they relate to more than 80 sexual offences, including at least 48 rapes against 12 women.

Carrick worked for the Met's Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection Command unit – the same department as Sarah Everard's twisted killer Wayne Couzens.

Colleagues branded him "B*****d Dave". As well as the sex attacks, Carrick would also control victims.

He forced women to clean his home naked, decided how much they ate or slept and cut them off from their families.

One victim was forced into a tiny cupboard while others were made to perform sex acts until they "fought for breath".

Waiving her legal anonymity and speaking to the Sunday People, victim Darciane Nunes Da Silva, 43, detailed horrible abuse and said he released his pet snakes from their enclosure in a twisted bid to scare her.

She said: "I’m speaking out now because I want everyone to know what he did to me. He tried to destroy me as a woman. I have been suicidal and tried to kill myself three times by overdosing on pills because of what he did."

It has since emerged the Met was informed of nine allegation against Carrick from 2000 to 2021, including allegations of rape and domestic violence.

He faced no criminal sanctions or misconduct findings.

Police chiefs across England and Wales have now been asked to have all officers checked against national police databases by the end of March.

On Sunday (February 5) the Met's Assistant Commissioner Barbara Gray apologised to the sex predator's victims and admitted the force "let them down".

Ms Gray said in a statement: “I am truly sorry for the harm and devastation he has caused them.

“We let them down and we failed to identify a man in the ranks of the Metropolitan Police Service who carried out the most awful offences.

“He should not have been a police officer.

“In the weeks since he pleaded guilty, we have spoken about our genuine and urgent commitment to address the systemic failings that have been identified by our own reviews, by those of His Majesty’s Inspectorate and Baroness Casey.

“We are determined to root out those who corrupt our integrity. That work is already under way.”

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