Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs) about AI and ML progress in Ukraine

Practical high-tech solutions underlie every sphere of human interactions. The fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) offer available and productive approaches, algorithms, and principles to work on hard-solving tasks showing up in the IT arena. Sergey Kartashov (Sergejs Kartasovs), an IT asset management specialist and a partner of the Roosh technology company in Ukraine, speaks on how AI and ML development changes human life and has improved in Ukraine.

AI improvement in the world

It is important to note that the best IT solutions are AI and ML that have expanded their application throughout the world. Thus, they have permeated every IT segment which works on big data and requires in-depth algorithms to process. Accordingly, people are engaged in digital tools to simplify and speed up some activities they need to complete: translation tools, voice commands on phones, automatic face recognition on social media, grammar checking in printed texts, and to gain new skills by editing photos and videos, drawing, writing poetry, and so on.

Besides, Sergey Kartashov mentions such huge and globally recognized companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google, which leverage AI techniques to enhance their interactions with the consumers. In addition, he discloses the advantage of AI in managing the implementation of quarantine restrictions by the population during the period of lockdown in China.

The specialist of IT asset management also draws attention to the popularization of Machine Learning. At Stanford University, it became the most demanded educational course in 2014, which engaged more than 760 people. Moreover, due to the latest report of Stanford University, the AI field capital investment raised by 40% over the year (to 67.9 billion dollars). The preferable areas to invest in were the pharmaceutical industry, pilotless vehicles, and educational applications.

Therefore, Sergey Kartashov notes that IT development has moved far ahead in the global sector and seems to be already here today. When it comes to Ukraine, the high-tech area in it has been lagging for some time. Its level of AI cannot compete with the development in Europe and the USA. However, Ukraine is on the stage of a powerful IT breakthrough.

Ukrainian AI progress

Despite the relatively slow promotion of IT solutions in Ukraine, some robust project performances have awakened a powerful driving force in AI and ML development. Thus, Sergey Kartashov points out the establishment of AI Clubs in Kyiv and Kharkiv in 2012. Many Ukrainian companies have shown up and invested in the technological segment with natively tailored products and services according to these projects.

In addition, a famous service like Grammarly has been promoted in the country and abroad, allowing users to check texts for spelling, grammar, and punctuational errors, and plagiarism. Unique Natural Language Processing technology is implemented in this product that determines the joint use of linguistics and ML.

Roosh’s partner mentions one more AI product developed by one of the  Kharkiv-based companies, Scorto. Owing to this project, scoring systems for banks and insurance agencies and managing decisions and risks have been made possible. Also, Ukraine hosts different robotic competitions and festivals and is a home place to various AI communities: the Association of Robotics, Boteon, and others.

Sergey Kartashov gives an example of the Roosh company as one of the powerful technological driving forces in Ukraine. Due to its project, the Reface mobile app, users now have an opportunity to swap faces on videos and gifs. Moreover, the app managed to top the App Store ahead of Amazon, Netflix, and TikTok, and, therefore, promoted Ukraine as a promising IT base worldwide.

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