Second British fighter in Ukraine is captured by the Russians

Second Brit PoW is paraded by Putin: Ex-British Army solider now fighting for Ukraine is captured while defending Mariupol and shown on Russian TV

  • Second British fighter in Ukraine captured by Russians has been paraded on TV
  • Shaun Pinner, 48, was known to have been serving as a ‘contract soldier’  
  • Pinner was clean-shaven with no visible wounds in the broadcast 
  • He said his name, his citizenship and announced he was captured in Mariupol
  • Pinner will face further interrogation by the Russian Investigative Committee

A second British fighter has been captured by the Russians in Ukraine while defending the besieged city of Mariupol, and has been paraded on TV.

Ex-British Army soldier Shaun Pinner, 48, was known to have been serving as a ‘contract soldier’ with Kyiv forces.

Looking clean-shaven with no visible wounds, he said on the broadcast: ‘I am Shaun Pinner. I am a citizen of the United Kingdom. I was captured in Mariupol.

‘I am part of 36th brigade, 1st Battalion Ukrainian Marine. I was fighting in Mariupol for five to six weeks and now I am in the Donetsk People’s Republic.’

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Brit fighter Shaun Pinner has been captured by Russian forces after surrendering in Mariupol. He was paraded on Russian television looking clean-shaven with no visible wounds. He said on the broadcast: ‘I am Shaun Pinner’

Shaun Pinner, 48, was known to have been serving as a ‘contract soldier’ with Kyiv forces, fighting side by side with Ukrainian marines to defend the key strategic port of Mariupol

He reportedly told his Russians captors that ‘he doesn’t want war and wants to go home’

He was shown on a military TV channel linked to war journalist Andrey Rudenko.

He reportedly told the Russians that ‘he doesn’t want war and wants to go home’.

Pinner now faces interrogation by the Russian Investigative Committee, it was announced today.

He was described as ‘an English mercenary who served in the 36th brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Marines as a stormtrooper and is now in captivity.

‘This is the second Englishman caught in Mariupol.’

His fate in the hands of the Russians and the separatist authorities in Donetsk remains uncertain.

The first British fighter captured in Mariupol was former care worker Aiden Aslin.

Russia’s state TV channels have broadcast suspect footage of Aslin being questioned by his captors after he was also forced to surrender in Mariupol.

Mr Aslin, 28, joined the Ukrainian marines four years ago. He has dual UK-Ukrainian citizenship and a Ukrainian fiancee, yet Russia appears determined to brand him an enemy agent rather than a prisoner of war.

The distinction is significant as under Russian law, those suspected of espionage face interrogation and lengthy prison sentences.

Whereas POWs are released at the end of hostilities, convicted spies may remain behind bars, perhaps until an exchange of agents can be arranged.

Kremlin-approved TV reporter Andrey Rudenko said in a Russian news broadcast Mr Aslin was an English mercenary ‘used [by the West] to perform various delicate tasks’, adding: ‘I am sure he will be able to shed light on the actions of Western intelligence agencies in Ukraine.’

An image uploaded to his social media shows Aiden, 28, bruised, beaten and in handcuffs 

A second image, posted by a pro-Russia Telegram account, was closer to captured Aiden’s cut

Mr Aslin, from Newark, Nottinghamshire, was paraded on TV with his face bruised. It is thought he is being held in a military detention facility.

Footage shows him being questioned by one of his captors off camera and he supposedly agrees with the suggestion that ‘those who stood with you [in Ukraine], they are killers’.

It remains unclear whether the recording was doctored for political purposes.

But last night Mr Aslin’s brother Nathan Wood said: ‘People should not believe anything the Russians say or are making my brother say. He is being held against his will and forced to say whatever they tell him to.

‘Anything that comes out of my brother’s mouth now, and the mouths of his Russian captors, are lies.’ 

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