Russia chaos erupts as Moscow loses third ammunition depot in 24 hours – VIDEO

Russia: Cloud of smoke rises from ammunition depot

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The video footage released from Ukraine’s army showed a third Russian ammunition depot ablaze in Kharkiv. Ukrainian forces have been pushing back against any Russian advancement on their land, with the help of top-of-the-range NATO-gifted weapons. Ukrainian troops managed to sabotage Russian troops’ weapons stash by blowing it up. Peace talks between both neighbouring countries Russia and Ukraine have come to a standstill and the battle has heated up.

The video footage captured by Ukraine’s army shows the aftermath of the Ukrainian sneak attack.

Thick black smoke engulfs the ammunition depot and continues to pillar up and across the field into the sky.

As the footage rolls on it appears that Ukrainian troops struck more than once as there are three separate areas on fire but the smoke blends into one column covering the flames on the ground.

The images show no Russian servicemen fleeing and it is currently unknown if there were any casualties from the Russian army as no official has announced the incident.

Ukrainian troops are also reported to of attacked two other depots hours earlier.

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Twitter users have been reacting to the video footage of the fire.

One user @Brandall9481 said: “This campaign is systematic and must be having devastating impacts on the Russians.”

@KovermanMaria said: “Love that black smoke, especially when it comes from Russian depo.”

@Alisa070703 said: “We want to see that in many more different depots.”

@Michael45768287 said: “New UA slogan: “One depot a day keeps the Russians away.”

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@Rafnam_ said: “My daily dopamine dose. Need it.”

@MickStroet said: “Just the way we like to see Russian army bases.”

@Duncan42372268 said: “Blow them all up.”

@Atyekwom said: “This confirms that Russians are really orcs, they have not learnt from the previous hits. It has been 10 days in a row of Ukrainian forces targeting ammunition dumps & the Russians have not done any countermeasures to protect the ammunition dumps they’re obsessed with territory.”


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NATO-aligned countries have been gifting Ukrainian troops with top-of-the-range heavy artillery in order to push back on the Russian onslaught.

Britain has recently sent Ukraine MLRS to help them fight the Russian army.

A Ukrainian major told the Daily Express: “When others in our armed services realise we have MLRs they will have strong motivation. That is so critical for all of us.

“Not only for the armed forces but for all of the Ukrainian people, just to understand that we are powerful.

“We are so grateful for your support and help. We are so grateful for the instructors’ team. It is really important for us to understand that the world hasn’t forgotten about us and remembers our struggle.”

The Ukrainian commander added: “Our Ukrainian guys are in a combat mood and are ready to return back. They understand they are preparing to improve the situation. We are confident it will help us in our struggle.


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