Royals divided over Netflix series as William ‘upset’ – but Charles ‘accepts’ it

Prince William and King Charles have been divided by the latest series of The Crown ahead of its launch on Netflix, according to a royal expert.

The sixth series of the hit drama will land on our screens two parts, with the first four episodes arriving in November followed by the final six in December. In a ghostly twist, the season will feature the spirit of the late Princess Diana speaking to Queen Elizabeth and her ex-husband.

Reports even claim in one scene the deceased People's Princess tells the current monarch: "It will be easier for everyone with me gone."

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The spectral addition has apparently not been well-received by the Prince of Wales who "won't watch" the show, the Daily Star previously reported. William's pal told the Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes: "It’s incredibly hurtful to have his mother exploited over and over again in this tawdry fashion by Netflix.

"He won’t watch it, but he will be totally sickened by it."

Speaking to the Daily Star, royal commentator Kinsey Schofield agrees the show will "upset" William. "I imagine what will upset Prince William even more is the idea that Ghost Diana allegedly tells Charles that things will be easier for him without her there," she said.

"While it certainly feeds into the Diana martyr myth that has been left behind I’m sure Prince William would disagree that losing his mother was beneficial in any way. He would rather have his mum."

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But Schofield added Charles and Queen Camilla have a very different perspective. "According to friends close to the King and Queen, they have accepted it as art," she told the Star.

"Toss in a ghost and now the most naive television consumer understands that they're consuming fiction. The King champions artist freedom and creativity so I don’t think he would cause a stink, but he’s certainly made it known privately that he is not like his character in The Crown."

Prince Harry has so far remained quiet on the subject of his mother's upcoming appearance in the series, which comes more than 26 years after she died in a Paris car crash. The Duke of Sussex has worked closely with Netflix to produce two documentaries, the first of which – Harry and Meghan – saw the younger of the royal brothers launch a series of unflattering claims against his brother.

And with rumours of a third series in the works, Harry's silence may not come as a huge shock. The Duke has also previously spoken out in favour of the crown, noting in 2021: ng else." "I am way more comfortable with The Crown than I am seeing stories written about my family or my wife."

William's pal added the new addition to The Crown hasn't helped to maintain the peace between the brothers. "William is angry about a lot of things in connection with Harry. His decision to work with Netflix, who have ruthlessly exploited the family, is certainly one of them," the friend added.

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