Royals could become ‘extinct’ if they don’t follow one rule, Paul Burrell says

The Royal Family cannot present themselves as "dinosaurs" and must make sure they stay "value for money" so as not to become "extinct", Paul Burrell has said.

Paul Burrell worked for Princess Di for a decade, until her tragic death in 1997 and the Princess once referred to the now 65-year-old as her 'rock'.

Burrell, who also served as a footman for the late Queen, has been vocal about his thoughts on The Firm, and he has now said he thinks they need to be more mindful of their collective image.

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“The royals can’t be seen to be too excessive because I think the minute the public don’t want them there, they won’t be there,” Burrell explained as part of his partnership with the online game Slingo.

"I think it’s a dinosaur situation. I’ve always thought to myself that they could become extinct if they’re not careful,” he went on, adding that they “have to be very careful with the way they spend money and how much money comes from the privy purse, which is paid for by the taxpayer".

He added: “I think the royals have to show the way, they have to show the public that they are value for money and they are relevant to today, very important.

"I hope they’re getting the right, sound advice.”

Burrell, of course, believes the monarchy is “worth every penny.”

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It comes after a royal expert suggested there could be trouble ahead if Prince Harry attends his dad King Charles's birthday looking for an apology.

The monarch is set to turn 75 this November and biographer Angela Levin reckons he'll want his whole family to celebrate the occasion.

Angela Levin told the Sun: "If Harry and Meghan want to make an excuse, that’s their decision.

"If Harry wants to go to get an apology, then he can get lost."

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