Restaurant blasted over anti-Semitic ‘Anne Frank’ burger

An Argentinian restaurant has sparked outrage after it named some of its menu items after Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler.

Jewish groups have slammed the Honky Donky burger restaurant in Rafaela City, Santa Fe, after it revealed it was serving items named after the famous Holocaust victim and World War II dictator.

The poorly received stunt included menu items such as “Adolf Fries” and an “Anne Frank burger”.

The menu also included items named after Genghis Khan and Benito Mussolini, for reasons that are currently unclear.

The bizarre marketing campaign has sparked considerable outrage among Jewish people, who have condemned the restaurant.

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The local Rafaela Jewish Community group has threatened the owners with a lawsuit, saying: “Given the public knowledge that a fast food outlet in our city trivially uses the names of Anne Frank and Adolf to name their products, the Rafaela Jewish Community expresses its deepest rejection and indignation, announcing that we will take legal action corresponding to the fact in question.”

The Israelite Cultural and Sports Association deeming it “insulting” and “not funny in any way.”

Jewish community representative Ariel Rosenthal said that the owners promised to change the menu months ago when he first complained about it in March, but no action has been taken since then.

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He said: “We do not understand the long delay in changing this.”

The restaurant has removed the “Adolf Fries” from its menu and has renamed the “Anne Frank Burger” the “Anne Boleyn Burger” after the former Tudor Queen of England. 

Honky Donky also promised to create more dishes based on inspiring and heroic figures across history, including Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

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