‘Real-life Mowglis’ as people raised in wild after being taken in by animals

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  • Mowgli men and women are real, as the Daily Star looks back at a series of photos revealing those raised by wolves, monkeys and more.

    From Spanish men “raised by wolves in a cave” like Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja to a Ukrainian girl raised in a cage and living life as a wild animal, there have been many cases of animals helping humans.

    For most of these fascinating individuals, including “dog boy” Ivan Mishukov, a Russian man who claims he was “raised by a pack of stray dogs”, happy endings are not afforded.

    Mr Mishukov’s loving, four-legged family for instance were put down and savagely killed after orders were handed out by a cruel official, Daily Mail reported.

    Another “highly unpleasant” case involved Marina Chapman, a Colombian housewife who claims she was “raised by monkeys in Colombia”.

    1. Ukrainian girl lived in kennel, barking and walking on all fours

      Man’s best friend is a constant companion, but to emulate the dog-eat-dog world is not as endearing as the creatures themselves.

      But for Oxana Malaya, a Ukrainian girl living on a rundown farm in a kennel, it was the only life they knew.

      Oxana was later taken into care, and it was discovered her alcoholic parents had been left out in the cold since she was just three-years old.

      The 38-year-old now lives in a special care home where she looks after the animals, and said at the time of her initial kennel living: "I would talk to them, they would bark and I would repeat it. That was our way of communication."

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    2. Raised by wolves for over a decade

      Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, stranded at the age of seven, had a chance encounter with a pack of wolves who nurtured him for 12 years.

      For over a decade, the bloke was guided through life by the wild animals.

      It was not until he was found, aged 19, sprinting around the forests naked and on all fours, that people intervened.

      He was later returned to an orphanage and reintegrated into society, but described it as a terrifying experience and he much preferred living with wolves.

      Pantoja said: "There are wolves and if I call out to them they are going to respond, but they are not going to approach me. I smell like people, I wear cologne."

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    3. Abandoned by grandfather and raised by stray dogs

      When Ivan Mishukov found himself abandoned by his alcoholic grandfather, he did not expect to be raised by stray dogs.

      Mishukov, also known as "dog boy", scavenged food with the pack of animals until he was rescued by police when he was six.

      The dogs were cruelly killed on the order of state officials, but Ivan was raised by a foster mother and said if it wasn’t for the dogs he "wouldn’t have survived in the street."

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    4. ‘Mowgli girl’ unable to walk or talk after living in care of monkeys

      An unnamed child was found unable to walk and talk after it is believed she had been raised by a pack of chimps.

      The eight-year-old, dubbed "Mowgli girl", was seemingly unable to communicate beyond screeches and walked on all fours.

      She was later named Ehsass, and a shelter owner said: "She still cannot talk but knows how to express her feelings.

      "Though she is still recuperating from ailments and health disorders, she is a fast learner."

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    1. Bloke turns back on schooling and walks hundreds of miles a day

      Zanziman Ellie, 24, has spent his life hiking the jungles of Rwanda and beyond to escape villagers who bullied him.

      They took it out on the "different" man, whose mum had prayed for a son who to not die after she lost five children before Zanziman.

      Bullied for his "different" facial features, the 24-year-old, who is unable to speak, spent his days living in the jungle.

      His mum said: "‘He may not necessarily like to live in the jungle but he looks to be running away from an abusive mob that causes him to do things he dislikes, like being forced to climb a tree."

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    2. Monkeys teach Bradford housewife to climb trees after kidnapping

      Marina Chapman claims she spent five years of her life in the care of monkeys following an abduction case.

      The housewife, from Colombia, was kidnapped aged four and left for dead in the rainforest before the monkeys intervened.

      She began to learn the monkey speech patterns, saying: "If there was an immediate danger their call would be even higher — a sharp, high-pitched scream, which was usually accompanied by the slapping of hands on the ground."

      Marina, who does not know her exact age, also claimed an elder monkey saved her life when she ate poison berries.

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    3. Decade in the African bush and raised by the wild

      Tippi Benjamine Okanti Degre spent a decade travelling the African bush and found herself fighting off monkeys for her milk bottle.

      Elephants, tigers and other wild creatures proved no trouble for Tippi, who was snapped constantly in the "biggest playground".

      The young Mowgli made friends with Abu the elephant and her mum, Sylvie, said she was "so at ease with animals.

      "They used to call her ‘the little girl who would talk with animals.’"

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    4. Monkeys fed and helped man swing through early years

      John Ssebunya fled to the jungle when he saw his father murder his mother, and from then on was raised by monkeys.

      Accounts of the bloke’s life claim he was seen swinging from trees and feasting on sweet potatoes and nuts.

      He has since been acclimatised to society and fully rehabilitated, ditching life in the jungle for a job in the Pearl of Africa choir.

      At first believed to be completely covered in body hair, it turned out his more massive collection of hair was a condition called hypertrichosis.

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