Rare WWE figures of legendary team being flogged on eBay for eye-watering £200k

Figures of a legendary WWE tag team are being flogged on eBay for an eye-watering £200,000.

Ax and Smash, known in the 80s and 90s as Demolition, were a popular team and won the-then WWF Tag Team Championships three times.

They were only in the WWE for around four years but have remained popular ever since.

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And now figures of the pair in their iconic black gear with facemasks is being sold on the online auction site for the unbelievably high price of $204,194 – or around £200,000 – and it is not even signed.

It is currently the most expensive WWE-related item on the site, but the price is even more baffling when you look around for others selling the same item, pricing it at around 1% of the price, at just £200.

There is actually a signed, slightly different version of the tag team available to buy elsewhere for £300.

There is no description on the item, apart from the fact that it has “no noticeable scratches or dirt”.

The vale of the figures is definitely less than the £200,000 it is currently being flogged for, and the Daily Star has reached out to the seller to find out why it is being priced so high.

Demolition, whose real names are Randy Colley and Bill Eadie, actually only retired as a tag team in May 2017.

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Having left the WWE in 1991 and have various gimmick changes along the way, the pair wrestled on the independent scene in the United States for several years.

They were actually involved in a class action lawsuit against WWE to do with incurring traumatic brain injuries during their stint with the company, but this was thrown out by a US District Judge in September 2018.

They can now frequently be seen at signing conventions around the US and UK, with fans often calling for the pair to be inducted into WWE's Hall of Fame – something which has yet to happen.

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