Putin's paranoia grows as he sets up air defences near secret forest palace to ‘save his family from Ukrainian strikes’ | The Sun

PARANOID Vladimir Putin has set up major air defences at his secret forest palace to guard his mistress and children from aerial attack, reports claim.

A Pantsir-S1 missile battery was spotted close to the tyrant's opulent lair on Lake Valdai, days after similar anti-aircraft rockets were deployed on rooftops in Moscow.

A radar-guided missile launcher was also set up near Putin's official residence just outside the capital, pictures shared online appear to show.

Both his homes are now protected from possible attack from drones or long-range missiles launched from Ukraine.

Mad Vlad – said to be suffering mania as a side-effect of cancer drugs – reportedly fears being toppled as a result of his disastrous war in Ukraine.

New images appear to show the mobile Pantsir-S1 battery stationed in the village of Yascherovo, half-way between Moscow and St Petersburg.

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The high-tech launcher has anti-aircraft guns and radar-guided rockets designed to bring down jets, drones and cruise missiles at a range of up to 12 miles.

Three servicemen are constantly nearby, and the radar dish rotates scanning for threats, said a report by Agentstvo Novosti.

Close by is Putin's luxury forest bolthole beside Lake Valdai, a sprawling estate boasting a palatial main residence, guesthouses, a golf course and a massive spa complex with a “personal beauty parlour”.

Putin's gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva, 39, is said to favour the lavish hideaway, which is hidden from public view by thick tree cover.

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She and Putin are rumoured to have between two and four young children, but the 13-year relationship has never been publicly acknowledged.

“These air defence systems protect President Vladimir Putin and his family from a possible Ukrainian strike,” said the report.

“This conclusion can be drawn after the air defence system appeared near the Valdai presidential residence.

“There are simply no other sites for protection there, except for the residence.”

Last week pictures showed another Panstir-S1 launcher at Zarechye village west of Moscow.

It is six miles from the president's gilded official residence at Novo-Ogarevo.

Panstir systems were also seen being installed on the roofs of the Ministry of Defence and another building in the centre of Moscow.

Longer-range S-400 missile launchers were also positioned around the capital in a ring of steel.

The high-tech anti-aircraft systems can reportedly engage up to 80 targets at once at a range up to 250 miles.

One was deployed in fields owned by the Russian State Agricultural University, while another has been positioned in the Losiny Ostrov National Park.

The S-400 systems are often used in tandem with Panstir launchers to shield against all potential threats at high or low altitudes, including cruise and ballistic missiles.

It was reported more systems have been installed at other sites in Moscow, as Putin beefs up defences in the capital daily.

Humiliated Putin appeared to be terrified of being taken out as his calamitous invasion rages on.

The perceived threat of Ukrainian air strikes comes on top of the danger of being knifed by his own inner circle.

Almost 11 months on from the invasion, heroic defenders continue to push back – causing Russia huge losses of troops and weaponry.

Drone sabotage

Moves to install missile defences at key locations follows the use of repurposed Soviet-era drones to strike deep inside Russia.

Engels air base was hit twice in December, damaging a pair of Tu-95 Bear strategic nuclear bombers.

The base is some 450 miles from the nearest point in Ukraine.

At least three personnel died when another air base was hit in Ryazan, more than 470 miles from the border.

The attacks led to warnings in Russia that Moscow was at risk from the “enemy”.

Ukraine has not officially admitted it was behind the sabotage attacks, or others targeting Russian air and navy bases in Crimea.

President Zelensky has previously insisted his forces would not attack mainland Russia.

That is despite Putin's brutal bombing of cities across Ukraine and repeat attempts to assassinate Zelensky.

Meanwhile officials in Kyiv have begged the US to send long-range missiles that can blast targets 100 miles away.

Pentagon officials told Politico they are now "likely" to send GLSDB (Ground-Launched Small Diameter Bomb) munitions, which could be used to hit targets in annexed Crimea.

General Ben Hodges, former commander of the US Army inEurope, wrote on Twitter: “GLSDB will reduce sanctuary for Russians.

"Life is about to start getting very uncomfortable for Russian navy, air force and ammunition handlers on Crimea."

Russia's foreign ministry previously warned the US not to supply Kyiv with longer-range missiles, saying it would cross a "red line" and make the country "party to conflict".

The Kremlin issued a fresh warning last week as Nato leaders met to agree sending tanks to Ukraine.

Ex-Russian president Dmitry Medvedev – one of Putin's top allies – threatened to unleash nuclear war on the West if Russia is defeated.

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As his war continues to falter, the tyrant is allegedly preparing for a new offensive that could see 700,000 soldiers pour into Ukraine.

Kyiv has been warning over the winter that Putin's forces will be gearing up for renewed attack in 2023.

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