Putin humiliated as Russian official exposes ‘lack of counter battery provision’

The Russian military is experiencing an acute scarcity of counter-battery radars, particularly modern ZOOPARK-1M systems, according to the UK Ministry of Defence’s latest update on the war in Ukraine.

Only a fraction of the initial ZOOPARK fleet deployed in Ukraine is reported to likely still be working.

Russian ground forces’ survival is primarily reliant on an ability to detect Ukrainian artillery and efficiently neutralise it, frequently by using their own artillery.

The employment of counter-battery radars, which allow commanders to quickly pinpoint enemy artillery locations, is a vital component of this tactic, the MOD has said.

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The MoD’s intelligence update on the war stated: “After being sacked as commander of Russia’s 58th Combined Arms Army (58 CAA) in Ukraine, General-Major Ivan Popov claimed that one of his key complaints had been about the lack of counter battery provision.

“Russian ground forces survivability relies on effectively detecting Ukrainian artillery and striking against it, often with its force’s own artillery.

“A key component of this approach is counter-battery radars, which allow commanders to rapidly locate enemy gun lines.

“Russia is suffering from a worsening shortage of counter-battery radars, especially its modern ZOOPARK-1M.

“Only a handful of the originally deployed ZOOPARK fleet are likely to remain operational in Ukraine.

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“Open-source footage showed another ZOOPARK being destroyed near the 58 CAA’s area in early July 2023. The priority Popov apparently gave to this problem highlights the continued centrality of artillery in the war.”

Major General Ivan Popov was dismissed by Vladimir Putin last week amid a muted clear out of Russia’s top military command structure.

Popov, served as the commander of the 58th army in the Zaporizhzhia region, a significant area which sits at the centre of heavy fighting amid Ukraine’s ongoing counteroffensive efforts.

The senior commander was relieved of his duties following his vocal complaints about the difficulties faced by his soldiers on the frontline.

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Popov, aged 48, has had an impressive career trajectory, starting as a platoon commander and eventually leading a significant military force.

He adopted a relaxed approach, encouraging his soldiers to approach him directly with any issues.

This informal style of command sharply contrasted with the typically rigid and formal military leadership seen in the Russian armed forces.

Russian military bloggers widely recognize him for his efforts to minimize unnecessary losses, unlike other commanders who were more willing to sacrifice soldiers to demonstrate successful outcomes.

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