Pregnant woman needed dental surgery after ‘flurry of punches’ at gaming arcade

A pregnant woman was left needing dental surgery after she received a "flurry of punches" at an arcade from a disgusting assailant.

The 37-year-old woman from Sydney, Australia, is said to have been repeatedly punched in the head after a queuing altercation in front of her husband and two children.

Staff had asked the family to step forward, but another woman claimed she had gotten there first, triggering a series of rude remarks and gestures thrown toward the family.

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Despite letting the woman through before them, the family are said to have experienced a torrent of abuse, with Queensland Police suggesting the altercation began after the pregnant woman asked the other woman to stop.

The 37-year-old, who is said to have been five months pregnant, had asked the woman to stop shortly before she left and subsequently returned to ruthlessly beat the pregnant woman.

Seven blows to the head were recalled by police, with the injuries suffered so bad that the pregnant woman was left in need of dental surgery.

Police have since issued images of the woman they would like to speak to in connection with the assault, which left the 37-year-old with serious injuries.

The suspect, a woman wearing a blue jumper and clutching a pink bag, is currently being searched for by police after allegedly bashing the pregnant woman in the head.

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The family had been queuing up for a day at Timezone, an arcade based at Surfers Paradise in Gold Coast, Australia.

Police have since reported that the dispute appears to be over a queue at the arcade, with the unnamed assailant accusing the family of cutting in front of them.

It would appear however that the alleged attacker, who police are still searching for, was not placated by the family offering her the chance to go ahead of them.

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