Posh street above ‘Turdtown’ safe as crooks ‘too unfit to climb hill and burgle’

A posh street in a UK seaside town with a questionable reputation is safe from hapless crooks “too unfit to climb the bleeding hill”.

Bleadon Hill in Western-Super-Mare featured on the YouTube channel Turdtowns which covered the “Good, Bad and Ugly” of the area.

The neighbourhood was described by the channel as a pleasant hilltop retreat high above the town.

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Spectacular views across Western – which in many places is badly deprived – were pointed out by Turdtowns as a representation of the wealth gap prevalent in the area.

“On the ground, we’ve got the lowest of the low, the scum of society. And Above them, we’ve got people in big comfy houses carrying on as if nothing is wrong in the world.”

The channel did note, however, that it “quite liked it here,” noting that it was a place that “doesn’t really feel like Western-Super-Mare.”

It was quick, though, to point to a lack of amenities to support the rapidly growing estates that have defined the area in recent years.

“Great views, nice houses, and not a whole lot else. There isn’t even a shop here.

“A farmer recently sold his field where the Western beach donkeys were kept and they built a big housing estate where the new houses were sold for big bucks – it's yet another estate lacking infrastructure.

“But if you want to live in Western without feeling like you’re actually part of the place it’s perfect for you.”

The narrator added: “There’s a reason this place has its name – the wised-up Western locals sometimes tried to climb up the hill to rob the rich, but then they changed their minds and decided they’re too unfit to climb the bleedin’ hill”.

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