Police searching for Nicola Bulley carry out enquiries at caravan park

Police searching for Nicola Bulley carry out enquiries at caravan park with ‘broken’ CCTV camera near to where the missing mother vanished – as diving expert vows to start searching for places ‘she could have been buried’ near river

  • Nicola Bulley, 45, vanished on January 27 near River Wyre in Lancashire
  • It has now emerged she still had her keys with her as police were seen nearby 

Police searching for Nicola Bulley today visited a caravan park near to where she went missing. 

The 45-year-old disappeared on January 27, with police believing she had fallen in the River Wyre – despite her family feeling differently. 

Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site, where officers spent just under an hour today, is said to be one of several CCTV ‘blind spots’ near to where Ms Bulley vanished.  

A friend, named Tilly-Ann, previously wrote in a Facebook post supported by the missing mother-of-two’s family: ‘There’s CCTV at the back of the caravan park. The only camera that isn’t working is the one that would have seen everything.’  

Today, a world leading forensic search specialist announced he will start his own investigation into possible ‘deposition sites’ near the river – a technical phrase meaning a place somewhere has been buried.  

Wyreside Farm Park Caravan Site is believed to be one of several CCTV ‘blind spots’ near to where Nicola Bulley disappeared 

The last pictures of Ms Bulley were captured on her Ring doorbell on Friday January 27. Her Mercedes is at the top of the photo 

Peter Faulding, who has already carried out underwater searches for Ms Bulley in the River Wyre, told Express.co.uk he had discussed the issue with Ms Bulley’s family and friends, as well as her partner, Paul Ansell. 

‘I’m talking to the family and obviously have vast experience finding buried bodies. We’ve got to consider all options here, there has been that report of suspicious people hanging around.

‘I was frank with Paul and Heather the other day because we need to consider possible deposition sites, we don’t know. 

‘I’m not saying the police aren’t doing that and what I don’t want to do is interfere with the police operation. My [investigation] will be low key, I will just be looking around for possible deposition sites.’

It comes as Bulley’s friends hit back against the latest claim by armchair detectives that she left her car keys in the ignition before she vanished. 

The search for the missing mother-of-two has been dogged by unfounded theories spread online by true crime cranks, conspiracy theorists and social media trolls. 

One baseless claim was that Ms Bulley left her car keys in her Mercedes before disappearing while on a walk in the Lancashire village of St Michael’s on Wyre, with one Twitter user calling it a ‘massive red flag’ and another suggesting it showed she ‘intended to abscond’. 

But her neighbour Charlotte Drake has revealed Nicola was carrying her keys when she disappeared and they have still not been found. She said Ms Bulley’s partner Paul Ansell wanted the public to know in order to stop the groundless speculation.   

According to Mr Ansell, the keys are described ‘with a couple of Mercedes keyrings on it, one black and one blue, a round wooden key ring with paw prints on it, and a couple of normal keys’.

It follows news on two men who appeared to be hiding their faces as they were spotted near the route where Ms Bulley vanished.

A local alleged that two men, who appeared to be wearing hoods or hats, were near St Michael’s Church in the village just over 24 hours prior to Ms Bulley’s disappearance. 

The witness claimed he reported this ‘strange’ incident to police, who took nine days to respond before asking him for a statement.

Friends and family tied ribbons to a footbridge over the River Wyre, including one from partner Paul Ansell following Nicola Bulley’s disappearance

Two men who appeared to be hiding their faces were spotted near Nicola Bulley’s walking route the day before she went missing, it has been reported

Mounted police in Knott End-on-Sea take part in the search for Ms Bulley today 

This bench was where Ms Bulley’s mobile phone was found as well as her dog Willow’s lead

While the witness acknowledged that they may have been fisherman, he felt on edge as ‘they seemed to want to hide their faces’.

The anonymous witness told The Sun: ‘I first saw them at around 7.45am on my way to work on the Thursday, the day before Nicola Bulley vanished. I drive that way every day, so know the road well.

‘I saw two men wearing dark clothing and hoods or hats and carrying fishing rods.’

The same witness also reported seeing one of the men at a similar time the next day, again appearing to cover his face.

On finding out Ms Bulley had disappeared, the witness called officers who were appealing for information.

But it is reported that he had to give them a follow-up call after hearing nothing back for several days. 

He added: ‘It’s frustrating, it would have been much better if I had been spoken to straight away as it was fresher in my mind.’

MailOnline has approached Lancashire Police regarding the allegations. 

The revelation comes as police returned to properties in St Michael’s on Wyre for the fourth time as family and friends continue to share heartbreaking appeals for the safe return of the mother-of-two mortgage adviser. 

The 45-year-old was last seen at around 9.10am on January 27 walking her dog Willow along the river close to her home in Inskip.

Heart-warming messages were written on the yellow ribbons left near the spot where Ms Bulley was last seen

A woman and young boy tie a yellow ribbon bearing a message of hope to a bridge over the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire

Nicola Bulley and her partner Paul Ansell were planning on getting married in the near future

Police are still searching the River Wyre believing Ms Bulley fell in, but her family and friends have repeatedly said they do not think this is what happened.

Underwater search expert Peter Faulding has also claimed he does not believe Ms Bulley is in the water.  

Tying yellow ribbons bearing messages of hope to a local bridge yesterday, partner Mr Ansell attached a message reading: ‘Nikki I love you! Come home now’.

Other messages included ‘We need you home Nikki’, ‘Never give up hope’ and ‘Praying for your safe return’. 

A large poster with a photograph of Ms Bulley has also been attached to the railings.

Mortgage adviser Nicola Bulley, 45, went missing along the River Wyre on January 27 (Pictured with partner Paul Ansell)

One ribbon tied to the footbridge read: ‘We need you home Nikki’

Yellow ribbons tied to a bridge over the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire

Experts have identified a number of possibilities and clues that could help case

Detectives are said to have visited a local garage on Thursday requesting CCTV footage from the day before Ms Bulley vanished.

They had already taken images from the day of her disappearance. It is unknown if the new CCTV request was in relation to the witness’ account or not.

CCTV is also understood to have been obtained from The Grapes village pub.  

Charlotte Drake, who lives next door to the couple in the nearby village of Inskip, said of the new police activity: ‘It’s a positive… We have to keep up the positivity that she can be found. 

‘Someone knows something and everyone needs to keep an open mind.

‘We just need some extra pieces to fit into this jigsaw, no matter how small.’ 

She added that Mr Ansell is appealing for people to look for Ms Bulley’s missing Mercedes car keys. 

Writing on social media, Ms Drake said: ‘The strength this man [Paul] has shown over the past 14 days is nothing short of a miracle. 

‘When many would be sat at home waiting for news he is using the media exactly as it should be used, to share the facts, highlight the lack of evidence and spread the word far and wide, so that he can hopefully reach someone that knows something.’

Police officers continue to patrol the riverside on Sunday, February 12

She added: ‘Backing Pauly Ansell all the way to bring Nicola Jane Bulley back to him and their beautiful girls. We are all behind you, from our little street.’

In a previous post, she encouraged the public to remember ‘this lovely person who has gone missing is a real person’.

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She said: ‘As a neighbour/friend I can categorically say she is the type of person that would drop everything to help any single one of us going through this. So please, let’s give her that effort in return.’

Speaking to the Metro, she added that Mr Ansell is using his strength because he does ‘not want to break down on camera in front of his children’. 

Her comments came as Mr Ansell revealed his partner’s car keys remain missing and asked the public to look out for them.

They are ‘a Mercedes key with a couple of Mercedes keyrings on it, one black and one blue, a round wooden key ring with paw prints on it, and a couple of normal keys’.

‘They were definitely on Nikki at the time, a huge bunch of keys, a Mercedes keyring with paw prints which she would have put in her coat pocket,’ he told Metro.

Speaking to the paper, Ms Drake also described Ms Bulley’s affection for her dog, Willow.

She said: ‘Even in our small road Willow wouldn’t go to the end of the drive without Nikki. There is no way Willow would ever leave her side, and vice versa.

‘Nikki would never, ever have left Willow, the girls and Paul. Ever.’

Police officers patrol a footpath in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, as they continue their search for missing woman Nicola Bulley

Charlotte Drake (left) lives next door to Nicola Bulley (right) and says she would ‘never leave’ her family or dog behind 

Paul Ansell, right, pictured with his partner Nicola Bulley – who vanished two weeks ago while walking her dog near the River Wyre in Lancashire

A missing person appeal poster for Nicola Bulley on a bridge crossing the River Wyre on Saturday

The mortgage adviser’s phone was found on a bench overlooking the river, still connected to a work call. Willow’s harness was found nearby. 

Police have been working under the hypothesis that she got into trouble in the River Wyre and drowned, but despite meticulously combing the water, dive teams have found no trace of Ms Bulley.

Lancashire Police has come under fire from search experts and ex-police officers for appearing to rule out third-party involvement too quickly. But in a statement released on Friday the force said they are keeping ‘an open mind’ about her disappearance. 

Detectives are understood to have subsequently visited St Michael’s Garage on Thursday to request CCTV from the time of the anonymous witness’ report.

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A member of staff at the garage said: ‘Two smartly dressed officers came in following up, a man and a woman. They wanted the CCTV from the day before Nicola vanished and to take statements of any activity we had seen from that day.

‘These officers were different to the ones in uniform, they seemed very assertive.’

They added: ‘I know who the witness is and he has already called police about what he saw. But he said he wanted to make sure they were chasing this up so I asked the officers about it and they said they were following it up.’

The witness is said to have  seen the men by the local church and by a bridge close to Ms Bulley’s route on January 26.

They reportedly saw the one of the individuals near a bridge at a footpath used regularly by the missing mother on the morning she disappeared.

The garage worker continued: ‘Whether them collecting the CCTV from the same day is connected, I don’t know.’

Three blind spots have been identified, including one path which was not covered by CCTV. 

The search for Ms Bulley has now entered its 17th day.

Mr Ansell, who Ms Bulley had planned to marry, spoke in a programme on Channel 5 on Friday, asking anyone with information to come forward, saying he believes something must have happened to his partner ‘in the village’ of St Michael’s on Wyre.

Mr Ansell said he is ‘100 per cent’ sure that the mortgage adviser did not fall in the River Wyre during an interview filmed for ‘Vanished: Where is Nicola Bulley?’. 

He said the river path, which Ms Bulley walked often, was ‘about as well known a walk to us as you could possibly do’, adding: ‘On the very odd occasion when you see somebody that you don’t know, they stand out like a sore thumb.

‘So whatever has happened, in my eyes, has to be somebody who knows the local area. And the fact that nothing’s been seen or heard, I just truly believe that it’s something in the village.’

Discussing the impact of Ms Bulley’s disappearance on his two daughters, Mr Ansell said: ‘Any parent knows that all you want to do this is make everything better for your children’. He added: ‘But I can’t do that’.

Yellow ribbons with messages of hope written on them are tied to a bridge over the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre

One of the yellow ribbons placed on the bridge today reads: ‘Praying for your safe return’

He is instead focusing on keeping the worst of his worry at bay when he is with his daughters and attempts to distract them as much as possible. 

He said: ‘The only thing that I can do is tell them everybody is looking for mummy. The best people like in the world are looking for mummy, just to give them that you know that that level of hope that they can understand that everything that can be done to find mummy is being done. 

‘And I just have to hope that that is enough, you know, for them, to sort of put them at rest at that particular moment before the questions come again.’

He added: ‘I can’t put those girls to bed again with no answers.’ 

Lancashire Police were invited to appear on the programme but declined to do so.

Aside from the river itself, there are only two other exits from the area, one of which is covered by CCTV.

Friends of the missing mother have claimed that CCTV covering the other exit, close to mobile home site Rowanwater, is not working.

This camera would have covered the fields to the south of where Ms Bulley was last seen.

After reviewing other CCTV footage, police are confident that Ms Bulley did not leave the field near the river via Rowanwater itself.

Another blindspot is a riverside path leading from the Wyreside Farm Caravan Park through to the A586, or Garstang Road.

Officers have been attempting to trace dashcam footage from 700 drivers who passed along this route around the time of her disappearance. 

It comes after Peter Faulding, founder of the Specialist Group International team that assisted police in the river search, this week admitted it was his belief that she is not in the water – raising the prospect of a ‘third party’ involvement in the disappearance.

A member of the North West Police Underwater Search and Marine Unit, during the search of the River Wyre in St Michael’s on Wyre, Lancashire, for Ms Bulley

Nicola’s mobile phone was found on this bench with Willow’s lead and harness on the ground

Meanwhile, former Metropolitan Police chief superintendent Philip Flower said ‘neither the facts nor the evidence’ support the official police hypothesis.

Writing in the Mail on Sunday, he said: ‘Ms Bulley was a good swimmer. The water wasn’t fast flowing. There are no slip-marks on the riverbank.

‘And there doesn’t appear to be anything that would indicate she could have hit her head and become unconscious.

‘The police cannot afford to make such unsupported judgments in this day and age when, quite rightly, they are constantly under more rigorous scrutiny.

‘Mistakes inevitably erode trust in the vital contract between citizens who, through their taxes, fund those officers of the law to protect them.’ 

In a statement released on Friday, police said they are keeping an ‘open mind’ about her disappearance, and in a marked softening of their language said they still believe the missing mother ‘may have’ fallen into the river. 

But ex-Metropolitan Police Officer Mark Williams-Thomas said on the programme he was ‘really struggling’ with Lancashire Police’s attitude towards the search and its media policy.

He said: ‘We shouldn’t be here. The police should be here in a Watchdog-style programme appealing for evidence.’

Nicola is white, 5ft 3ins tall, with light brown shoulder-length hair. She speaks with an Essex accent.

She was last seen wearing a long, knee-length black quilted gilet with a hood.

She had a black Engelbert Strauss coat underneath which had long sleeves and came to her waist.

She was wearing tight black jeans and had long green walking socks tucked into her jeans. She was wearing size 5 ankle-length green wellington boots from N

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