Plus-size model to continue flaunting 44H chest despite being called fat daily

A plus-size model with an impressive 44H chest says she will continue to flaunt her boobs despite being labelled ‘fat’ on a daily basis.

Olivia Messina, from Toronto, Canada, boasts more than 300,000 followers on Instagram and has been praised for her body-positivity message.

That hasn’t stopped evil trolls, however, from making cruel jibes about her weight.

Now, the 27-year old has vowed to continue to don ‘sexy outfits’ and won’t be told by others what she can and can’t wear.

According to the Daily Star, Olivia has been a full-time content creator for the past three years, but began an online career years before that by filming make-up tutorials.

The influencer hopes to use her standing to encourage those who lack confidence in their bodies to be as comfortable as she is.

Whether it be in skimpy dress or a crop-top Olivia wants others to ignore the haters and embrace their bodies, no matter how big or small.

She told the Daily Star: “My platform helps other women embrace their bodies at any size.

“Women message me telling me how they are able to wear bikinis now because of me or that they never saw anyone with their body shape online and they are glad to have found me.”

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She continued: “I feel grateful every single day that I have these platforms to help women feel confident and stop hating their bodies, because society tells them they should.

“These women inspire me every day to keep spreading body positivity at any chance I get. The best part about my social media career is that I am helping others while sharing my life with them.

“I never knew what I wanted to do for a career when I was younger, but social media has really helped me figure that out. It feels very validating to have an audience that supports and loves you.

“I do get negative fatphobic comments daily, but I have learned to drown them out and focus on the positive messages I receive. Knowing I am helping people feel better in their own skin makes it worth it for me.”

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