Plane passengers land where they took off after nightmare seven-hour journey

Plane passengers were dropped off right where they had been picked up after a nightmare seven-hour journey had to circle back.

Those 300 passengers onboard the Japan Airlines flight JL331 found themselves stuck at Haneda Airport after a long-haul flight from Tokyo to Fukuoka was told to turn around.

Flight JL331 had almost reached its Tokyo destination when they were told they had to turn back around and land at Haneda Airport, all the way back in Fukuoka.

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The flight, which was meant to take just two hours, had initially been set to jet off at 6.30pm and land in Fukuoka at 8.30pm.

But passengers found themselves suffering a string of delays and then a return trip before they had even touched the tarmac.

Take-off for the flight had been delayed from Haneda Airport for 90 minutes after a last-minute switch of aircraft was called, and when the plane eventually took off, it found itself being rejected for landing at Fukuoka.

That 90-minute delay appears to have had a severe effect on the flight though, with their destination's ruling over 10pm cut-offs for commercial landings coming into effect.

With just four minutes to spare, the JL331 flight found itself denied permission for landing as its plane switch earlier in the day was not deemed an "unavoidable" schedule change.

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Heading back to Tokyo soon proved difficult, with a redirection order meaning the flight ended up at Kansai International Airport near Osaka, where it landed just a minute before midnight, DailyMail reported.

A lack of staff and transport crew at that airport meant exhausted passengers were scrambled onto another flight, which took off at 1.56am from Kansai and landed back in Tokyo at 2.44am.

That nightmare seven-hour journey took passengers all over the country but landed them right back where they had been on their first take-off.

Daily Star has contacted Japan Airlines for comment.

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