PE teacher slept with student, 17, in back of his car after being dumped

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A PE teacher has been spared jail after he confessed to having sex with his 17-year-old student after being dumped by his fiancé.

Scott Korczynski, who was in his 30s at the time, began to seek attention from the young girl by inviting her into his office.

The teacher, who was based at Kurranjang Secondary College in Melbourne, Australia, developed a "relationship" with her and would take her to football matches.

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He would drive her home and later kissed her, reports NewsAU.

The pair then had sex in the back of Korczynski's car after he picked her up from a birthday party, according to the Herald Sun.

Speaking about how they started seeing each other after his break up, Judge Fiona Todd said: “This gives some context for what you did: you engaged the attention of a student some 13 years your junior.

“There was an enormous power imbalance between you and her at the time of your offending against her.”

It was reported that they continued to date after the girl turned 18, however, she later broke things off.

The victim then alerted the authorities in 2017 and he was charged in 2020.

Korczynski, who is now a 49-year-old father-of-two, admitted to one count of sexual penetration of a 17-year-old child that was under his care.

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It was reported that the former teacher was jailed for 19 months with the sentence entirely suspended for three years.

He left his victim feeling an “intense shame and embarrassment”.

“She can now reflect … at the time she was actually a very vulnerable young girl who was mistreated by you in a very serious way,” Judge Todd added.

“None of it was her fault, this is what you did to her.”

He has been made to put his name on the sex offenders’ register for 15 years and can no longer teach.

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