Parents call for Christmas Jumper Day to be cancelled amid cost of living crisis

Worried parents are calling for Christmas Jumper Day to be axed this year as the cost of living crisis takes its toll.

Children across the UK may have to miss out on the much-loved annual fundraising day celebrated today (Thursday, December 8) this year, with families feeling the pinch of expensive bills and pricey food.

Concerned mums and dads have taken to social media to express their concern over the festive practice, with one tweeting: "Of all the days that should be cancelled now with the cost of living 'Christmas jumper day.' Happy to give a donation to the cause but does everyone need the pressure to buy Christmas jumpers for their kids ? #fastfashion #waste #CostOfLivingCrisis"

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Another chimed in: "Why are Christmas jumpers so expensive?????"

Meanwhile a third lamented the cost of the festive period in general, writing: "Am I a Scrooge?

"I see the Xmas ads with its jumpers, food, expensive gifts and I think they've got the mood of the country all wrong? People are struggling and they show celebration of excess."

Families have long been dreading Christmas this year, with a study conducted by Mumsnet back in the summer finding that parents were more worried about the festive period than usual.

The survey of more than 1,000 users found that two in five were more likely to buy gifts that people need and not what they want.

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The poll also showed there was a 31% drop in the number of Mumsnet members who planned to donate to food banks over Christmas, with many saying they wouldn't be able to afford it this year.

Participants in the survey said they were particularly worried about the rising cost of energy bills during the cold winter months.

One user said: "Might have heating for Christmas Day, but not any other day in winter. Where am I going to find the money for presents – as most [of] the money saved has gone on fuel and energy. Worried, scared and upset.”

Another added: "Terribly sick with worry that I won’t be able to afford anything this year. I’m absolutely dreading it."

Last year parents called for Christmas Jumper day to be axed as well, even before the UK was plunged into a recession, amid concerns that poorer kids would feel left out.

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One mum wrote: "I have been thinking about how tough it must be to always be the child with no jumper.

"I know as children grow up you can't avoid the inequalities but it would be great if we could at least stop it being an issue at primary school. And of course there are the families who buy jumpers when they can't really afford them."

Another parent added: "They want you to go out and buy a jumper and then to donate to the school too. We have four kids and are on low income.

"Last week I paid £18 in school Xmas activities and there's more to come. It's free to anyone on benefits but we get just over the threshold and it's a struggle at this time of year."


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