OnlyFans star who teased lesbian sex vid in Dubai makes racy film with ‘cousin’

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    The OnlyFans star who teased a risky lesbian sex video while in Dubai now appears to be making racy content with her "cousin".

    Mădălina Ioana Filip, known as Mady Gio, 28, previously made headlines after moving from Italy to Switzerland in a bid to pay less tax on her steamy content.

    Last month she appeared to flaunt some of the UAE's strict porn laws by saying she had made some "special content on OnlyFans" alongside another female model while there.

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    After the Dubai trip she returned to her native Italy and most recently holidayed in Tenerife.

    Taking to her Telegram page on Sunday (May 7) she shared an image alongside fellow OnlyFans creator Kissmar, the pair posing together in black and white bikinis.

    Bizarrely, and perhaps concerningly, the caption read: "My cousin." It also included a link to Kissmar's Telegram page.

    On there, Kissmar shared a different photo of the two women posing in the same black and white bikinis and revealed they had filmed some steamy content together for OnlyFans.

    The caption read: "Video me with mady and out today. Our video has gone up." It also included a link to her OnlyFans site.

    Mady is no stranger to extreme shoots and was recently spotted wandering the streets of Italy with her nipples on full display.

    A series of photos posted to Instagram showed her alongside fellow OnlyFans star Alex Mucci.

    The pair were in Rome and, although the ancient architecture in the background of the snaps was impressive, fans noticed something else standing out.

    Both models were wearing skin-tight tops that were almost completely see-through, bringing a whole new dimension to sightseeing in the popular tourist spot.

    One comment on the post read: "Who else running a marathon to get to Rome asap."

    Another person joked: "We can notice one of the most important monuments in Rome, and behind them the Castel Sant'Angelo."

    A third said simply: "Is this happening."

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