Nuke-wielding Putin ally chillingly warns ‘lowlifes’ ‘we won’t stop at anything’

The leader of Belarus – and close personal friend of war mad Russian President Vladimir Putin – Alexander Lukashenko has vowed to nuke the West “if we have to”.

The ominous warning comes a few weeks after it was confirmed that Russia was planning to store nuclear-capable missiles in the neighbouring country.

And, despite claims that the Iskander missile system would remain in the hands of Russia and would be manned by Russia staff, the Belarusian president has now claimed that he will actually have full charge of it as it will be handed over to his military.

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And, worryingly, the system and infrastructure is already in place.

According to anti-Putin Russian news outlet Meduza, Lukashenko said: “You heard from the Russian president about the plans for creating a suitable infrastructure on Belarusian territory.

“I would like to clarify: all the infrastructure has been set up; it’s ready.

“If need be, Putin and I will deploy strategic nuclear weapons too.

“Those lowlifes who are trying to blow us up from abroad, they need to realize we won’t stop at anything to defend our countries, our states, and our populations.

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“If they don’t understand any other language, this at least will force them to reckon with our people.”

Belarus has been the closest ally to Putin during the war – an ally list which includes beacons of hope such as Iran, China and . . . North Korea.

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At the start of the more than year-long invasion, Belarusian tanks were daubed with a the letter “V” so that the Russian army knew who they were, while Russia's own tanks were marked with the now infamous “Z” symbol.

Russia has, so far, lost just shy of 700k troops during the invasion, forcing Putin to start calling up another 147,000 aged between 18 and 27 as of today (April 1).

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