Notorious international cocaine kingpin ‘El Tigre’ caught in Dubai dawn raid

Police in Dubai have arrested Spain's most-wanted cocaine trafficker in a crackdown on drug traffickers in the emirate.

Dramatic footage from Spain's Civil Guard shared yesterday (Sunday, December 11) shows the moment police in Dubai surrounded the home of 44-year-old Alejandro Salgado Vega, nicknamed El Tigre (The Tiger).

The Civil Guard said it had dismantled part of the criminal organisation led by El Tigre — renowned for being "the most active Spanish drug trafficker internationally in cocaine trafficking".

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In total, seven arrests were made, with the Civil Guard saying that all seven were "directly related" to a case two years ago, which saw a whopping 2,000kg of cocaine smuggled into Spain through the port of Algeciras.

While investigating the drug kingpin, the Civil Guard discovered that El Tigre had been living in Dubai, where they say he "controlled a global cocaine trafficking network with presence on five continents".

The cocaine originated in South America and was then shipped to ports all around the world.

While hiding out in Dubai the Civil Guard said that El Tigre had been living a life of "extremely high standards" and was able to go "unnoticed among the rest of the population".

But after several years of investigating his whereabouts, police were able to share information about him with local police in Dubai.

A court in Algeciras had issued an international arrest warrant for him, which the Civil Guard described as a "milestone of enormous relevance".

Dubai Police officers arrested him in late August following a local investigation and shared details of his arrest with the Civil Guard.

El Tigre is reportedly one of a number of high-value targets arrested in the Emirate of Dubai lately, which was, until recently, considered a haven for drug traffickers.


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